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Learn how to high stress and low stress train your cannabis plants to get bigger yields and make the most out of your grow area.

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Cannabis Guest Posting Now Available!

Write your own cannabis blogs and help contribute to the Maritime Grown Cannabis Community. Share your experiences with marijuana by utilizing our cannabis guest posting service .

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Most cannabis seeds can be germinated in as little as 24 hours. This will depend on genetics, age of seeds and the techniques your using. Learn the 4 most popular methods to germinate weed seeds.

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early signs of a male plant can be hard to identify without a magnifying glass and even that it could be to early to tell the difference. Examine the nodes of the plant, males will have small sacs growing well females will produce hair like pistols.

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Learn How To Dry Cannabis

Learning how to dry and cure cannabis the proper way is important as you can easily ruin an entire crop by incorrect drying procedures. Learn the 4 most popular drying methods now, click below.

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