LST Low Stress Training Weed Plants

LST Low Stress Training Weed Plants

LST is short for Low Stress Training if you have not already guessed. When it comes to growing marijuana their are two main types of training methods. LST or Low Stress Training that we will be going over in this article and there is HST or High Stress Training that you can read about In our Plant training section. Both techniques are typically used for the same reason and that is to maximize the yields in the grow room.  By training your plants you can control the growth, the height, the weight ect. The differences between HST and LST is High Stress Training you need to break, damage and remove parts of your plant to complete the technique where LST is just that Low Stress training and not hard  as hard on the plant as HST

What Is LST Or Low Stress Training?

LST Low Stress Training Cannabis

LST or Low stress training is a training method that requires you to gently bend the plants well tying them down to manipulate the direction the plant is growing in.  LST helps the light penetrate through the entire canopy helping to increase yields and allowing growers to make the most out of their grow area. Low Stress Training is by far the easiest training method out of them all and it is the least stressful to your plants.

Other Methods Of Low Stress Training

How to scrog

The only other method of LST or low stress training is the scrog method and I myself would not call it a LST method as to do it properly you need to top your plants using a high stress training method.  Even if you do not top them you need to stress them out to complete the scrog method so I am not sure who said it was a LST method but they must of smoking something good.  With that said with SCROG you let the branches grow up through the net and weave them back down through and back up filling each hole of the net with a node or top. View more on the scrog method here.

When To Low Stress Train Cannabis Plants

LST Low Stress Training Weed Plants

You can start training your plants almost right away unlike High Stress Training where you need to wait until the plant has  5 nodes or more and a healthy root system. When low stress training you are simply bending the plant and tying it grow in the direction preferred. This has almost no impact on the plants as your not breaking or damaging them in any way. I my self wait until I see 2 to 3 nodes before starting any training similar to the photo above but every grower is different and has there own preference on training times.

Low Stress Training & High Stress Training

Mainlining Weed Plants

Using a combination of both LST and HST is the most popular in grow rooms.  A common practice is to top the plants then use the low stress training method to bend the branches into place and tie them down creating more tops and a even canopy similar to the photo above. Using a mix of HST and LST will increase your yields and allow you to make the most of your grow area.

How To Low Stress Train Cannabis Plants

LST or low stress training is not rocket science.  The goal is to maximize yields and get the most out of your plants and grow setup.  LST consists of tying branches down to even out the canopy and allow light to get at nodes it couldn’t previously.  If the branch will not bend in the direction you like do not force it. Tie it off and the next day you will be able to bend it more.

Gather Supplies

Step 1

LST Weed Plants

To be able to train your plant to grow in the direction you desire you will need to pick up a few supplies or gather some supplies from around the house.  First thing is first do not use fishing line or fine metal wire to tie your plants down or it will end up cutting into you plant causing unwanted issues. Look for tie downs or wire with a soft rubber coating over it. If your going to be using metal tie downs you can put them directly into the soil but if your using rope or tie downs that is flimsy you will need to create anchor point on your pots to tie to. You can use bag clips for anchor points or tie to the pot directly by making a hold to tie to.

Bending and Training your plants

Step 2

Low stress training marijuana

Once you have your supplies ready it is time to train your plants.  Training is done by bending the plant and tying the branch or stalk down to allow light to penetrate the plant in places that was not previously possible.  For biggest yields I always recommend topping your plants first then using the LST method as it is easy to control the plant and manipulate it in any why you like. If your not into high stress training methods then start training your plant early and you will be able to control the growth.

Maintaining training

Step 3

LST Cannabis

Maintaining your training is important if your want to maximize your yields. As you can see from the photo above this plant was tied down and with in 24 hours was back pointing towards the light. You can also see the node on the branch is now exposed to the light and will create a new top. Your goal with low stress training it to maintain a even canopy and ensure the light can penetrate through the entire plant.  A fact is if you have a uneven canopy it will reduce your yield compare to growing with a even canopy.


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