High Stress Training Methods For Maximized Yields

Mainlining Weed Plants

High stress training or HST in short requires you to break or damage your plants therefor the plants go into shock and could slow the growth for up to a week or more. Although HST training is more stressful on your plants the outcome is usually well worth it. High stress training can be used inside in the grow room our outside in the field and is very popular among cannabis growers worldwide. The main reason for high stress training is to help increase yields and to help get the most out of your grow area.  My favorite HST technique is the topping method. After growing for 10+ years I still continue to top all my plants at least once or twice during the veg stage. Why have 1 top when you can have 8 or 16. 

Low Stress Training VS High Stress Training 

Both high stress training and low stress training are different methods of training your plants with the end goal to maximize and increase yields. The only real difference between the two is Low stress training dose not require you to break or damage the plant in any way your simply bending and manipulating the plant to grow in the direction you wish. High stress training requires you to break or damage the plant and the plant needs to take time to recover. Click here if you want to view all the low stress plant training methods. 

High Stress Training Methods

There are 5 main high stress training methods that are popular world wide. The most common would be the topping method followed by the lollipopping method although most growers just call it cleaning up the bottoms and are unaware of the lollipopping term. the other 3 in no particular order is fimming, mainlining and super cropping. 

topping weed plants

Topping cannabis is most likely the most popular high stress training method used worldwide. Cannabis plants grow straight up toward the light with one main cola. If you top the plant like shown in the photo above your plant will now have 2 main tops & this process can be repeated as many times as you like well in the veg stage. 

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Super Cropping Super cropping weed plants

Super cropping cannabis is the high stress training technique that involves pinching  the branch with your thumb and index finger and bending the branch over to even out the canopy and allow the light to penetrate the growth below. Super cropper is great to use when you have plants stretching .  An uneven canopy equals lower yields.

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Fimming Cannabis Plants

Fimming cannabis is the high stress training method of cutting or pinching the top growth in hopes to create more tops. This method can create up to 4 new tops maximizing your yields. Fimming is less stressful to the plants then topping but don’t seem to be used as much. 

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Mainlining Weed Plants

Mainlining is a high stress training technique as you are required to top the plant to be able able to successfully complete the technique. Mainlining becoming more popular as it helps the plants to grow evenly and helps to increase yields by utilizing the entire grow area. 

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Lollipopping Weed Plants

Lollipopping is a high stress training technique popular among growers world wide. Lollipopping consists of removing all the lower growth where the light is not getting to focus the plants energy on all the top buds and branches to increase the yield in the grow room.

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Cannabis training toolMy most used tool in the grow room for training and maintaining my plants.  I have been using Fiskars trimmers and pruning snips for over 10 years and still have not found anything on the market that can compare. Click the image to buy a pair from Amazon.

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