Low Stress Training Methods For Maximized Yields

LST Low Stress Training Weed Plants

LST or low stress training is a serious of techniques that involves bending or manipulating the plant and tying it in place to allow light to penetrate all areas of the plant. Cannabis plants grow like Christmas trees straight up with one main top. By training your plant from a young age you can create multiple tops with out damaging your plants and slowing the growth.  Low stress training dose not involve breaking or damaging the plant like HST or high stress training that requires you to damage or break the plant for the methods to work. The main reason why growers use the low stress training techniques is to increase yields. By evening out the canopy with LST you can increase bud sites creating more tops maximizing your grow area and plant structure. LST takes more time and patience but the end result is usually worth it. You can low stress train your plants in the veg stage or in flower stage as do not need to worry about shocking your plants.  

LST Low Stress Training Methods

There are two main Low Stress Training methods and one of them I do not believe should be called a LST method as to do it properly you need to use a combination of high stress training methods. The two methods are LST low stress training where you bend, manipulate and tie the plant with out breaking it and the second method is the SCROG method or screen of green where you use a screen to help maximize yields well training the plant.  It is the SCROG method I do not believe should be called a low stress training method.

LST – Low Stress Training

LST Low Stress Training Weed Plants

LST or low stress training is the technique where you bend and manipulate the plant with out breaking the plant and putting it into shock. Low stress training can be done indoors or outdoors and is a technique used by growers worldwide to help increase yields. LST is often used to help keep the canopy even and to create more tops on the plant.  

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SCROG – Screen Of Green

Lollipopping Weed Plants

SCROG or screen of green for some reason is considered a LST or low stress training method. Scrogging consists of growing your plants up through holes in the screen and bending them and weaving them in and out of the holes to fill the screen up. In order to achieve best results with this method you need to use a combination of HST or high stress training

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