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Cannabis Guest Blog Posting

Cannabis guest blog posting was very popular 10 to 15 years ago but due to the increasing amount of social media networks and the overwhelming amount of spam most popular guest blog sites eventually stopped accepting guest blogs and switched to an account based approval system only. With in the past year or so we are starting to see guest blog posting making a come back and I have always been interested in reading into other growers experiences so for that reason we have decided to open cannabis and CBD related guest posting to the public.

How It Works

Anyone is welcome to submit a blog as a guest, no registration is required. Blogs must follow the rules that will be listed below or you risk your blog being trashed and not posted to the public. Fill out all the fields on the blog submission forum below and submit your blog and one of our admins will read over the blog and approve it with in 24 – 48 hours. If your blog was approved you will receive a email letting you know the blog is live to the public. After 10 successful approved blogs your posts will no longer need to be approved and will go live after submitting each post. After 10 approved posts you will have the option to have a registered account on Maritime Grown and will be listed as a team member / blog writer and have access to more features and will receive special perks.


1) Blogs must be cannabis or cbd related or they will not be approved.
2) No more then 2 links in each blog post.
3) We reserve the right to approve or deny any blogs for any reason.
4) 1 image max upload to be used for feature image (if you need more contact us)
5) Blogs must be a minimum of 500 words no maximum.
6) Must be your own content, blogs will be checked for copyright and duplicate content.
7) No Duplicate content, we will not post two articles on the same subject unless there is noticeable difference.
8) No grow gear reviews
9) No self promotion if your looking to advertise use the contact form.

Topics Were Interested In

below we will list some topics we are looking to get more articles in. You are welcome to write about any topic you wish but the topics below have the highest chance of being approved.

How To Grow Cannabis
Cannabis Recipes
Medical Cannabis
Cannabis News
Living Soil
Outdoor growing

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