Lollipopping Cannabis Maximize Your Yields

Lollipopping Cannabis

Lollipopping Cannabis would be considered a HST or high stress training method as you need to break or damage the plant to complete this technique. Lollipopping is a pruning method that requires you to remove the lower growth of the plant that the light will not reach. This technique concentrates all the energy on the top branches and buds promoting larger growth and bigger yields.  The term lolipopping comes from the lollipop shape of the plant once finished pruning.

What is Lollipopping?

Lollipopping guide

Lolipopping is a type of high stress training that uses a pruning technique used by cannabis growers to increase yields in the grow room. Lolipopping is the process of removing lower branches and leaves that the light is not penetrating. By removing these lower branches and leaves the plants energy is focused on the top buds and branches maximizing yields.

Why Lollipop Weed Plants?

Why lollipop weed plants

Lolipopping helps to improve the overall growth of the plants by allowing better ventilation to blow through the crop and allows better light penetration. The main reason why it is done is to maximize the yields in the grow room as mentioned above. Another reason why growers utilize the lollipop method is it creates mostly tops so there not allot of popcorn buds to deal with at the end of the crop making trimming the cannabis an easier process. Lolipopping also make watering and checking your pots allot easier as you can see through an entire crop.

When To Lollipop Cannabis Plants?

Lollipop Cannabis Plants

This is a bit of a controversial topic as I mention in all my articles every grower has their own preference and grow methods but most people agree the best time to lollipop your weed plants is just before flicking them into the flower cycle or 12/12. This give the plants a chance to recover from the shock of the pruning before going into flower.   I my self like to lollipop my plants just before they go into flower then again for the last time at the start of week 3 I clean up everything not getting light . I find this works best for me but depending on genetics and the strains your growing you might only need to lollipop once.

Lollipopping With Other Training Methods

Lollipopping Weed Plants

Lollipopping is commonly used in combination with other cannabis training methods. The most popular combo is the combination of the SCROG method with the lollipopping method as seen above in the photo.  These two methods combined can greatly increase your yields. Lillipopping is also commonly used with low stress training to remove any growth the light is not getting at.

How To Lollipop Cannabis Plants?


I am not going to to create a big step by step tutorial as lollipopping is fairly straight forward.  I suggest using a sharp pair of pruners or snips for best results. Do not pull the branches off or leaves off try to always use a pair of snips to  avoid further damaging the plant. Pulling leaves and branches off can tear the skin of the plant  putting it into shock and will take longer to recover and could cause other problems. When using snips to cut the branches and leaves off that the light is not getting at try and cut as close to the main stock as possible with out cutting into it or damaging it. Quick tip, I found that plants react best to lollipopping if you water the day before .

The Best Tool For Pruning & trimming

Cannabis training toolIf your looking for a tool to help in the grow room I recommend the Fiskars trimmers. I am not sponsored by them but I have been using there snips for over 10 years and have not found anything on the market that can compare. Click the image to purchase a pair from their Amazon Store.

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