Mainlining Weed Plants

Mainlining Weed Plants High Stress Training Guide

Main-lining is a form of HST or high stress training as you are required to top the plant 3 or more times to be able able to successfully complete the main-lining technique. Mainlining your plants helps them to grow evenly and helps to increase yields as you only end up with big colas or tops at the end of the crop, no small popcorn buds to deal with. Mainlining will create a structure where all your all your tops come from the same part of the marijuana plant and each receive the same amount of nutrients and energy. Mainlining is Great for growing indoors and in grow tents as you can make the most of the space and achieve the biggest yields possible.

Mainlining From Seeds Or Clones

Mainlining Cannabis Plants

Mainlining is easier with plants starting from seed as the branches grow symmetrically or even on opposite sides where cannabis clones do not grow symmetrically or even on opposite sides so clones requires more training to achieve a even canopy.

Can You Mainline Auto flowers

Mainlining Weed Plants

It mainly depends on the genetics and the flower time but yes it can be done. You do not want to be topping auto flowers when they start their flower cycle as it could minimize the yield and stunt the plant. Most auto flowers will start to flower after 30 days so you will need to top the plant 2 – 3 times before they start to flower.

Why Mainline Weed Plants?

Mainlining Weed Plants

Mainlining plants is done for a number of reasons, the most common being the huge yields that come with the technique.  mainlining takes your plant from having one main top to having 8, 16, 32 or more tops depending on much you want to top and train your plant.  Not only dose mainlining increase your yields but there are no popcorn buds to deal with at the end of the crop just huge colas. Mainlining is also great with maintaining canopy height and making the most out of the grow space you have.

How To Mainline Cannabis Plants

Counting Cannabis Nodes

Step 1 Grow Plant to 5 or 6 nodes

Step one is to grow your plants until they have 5 or 6 nodes. We recommend you grow your plants until they have a minimum of 5 or 6 nodes before Moving on to step two. This will ensure the plants build a strong root system to be able to recover quickly after training.

Step 2 Top Your Plants For The First Time

topping weed plants

step two is to top your plants for the first time. Topping is the process of cutting the inter-node above the nodes to create two new tops. Top your plant at the third node and make sure to leave a stump so you prevent stem splitting. The two new tops will become the main branches for the mainlining technique.

Step 3 Grow, Top Again & Tie Down Your Plants

Mainlining Weed Plants

Step three is to grow your plants out again after topping until your two main branches has 3-4 new nodes then top again at the third node. Now you will have 4 tops to work with and can start tying your branches down and training your plants. Clean up any undergrowth that is not being used.

Step 4 Grow, Top Again & Maintain


Step four is to grow the plants out after topping for the second time until your 4 main branches has 2 new nodes then top again at the second node. As seen from the photo above our first topping gave us 2 tops,  the second topping gave us 4 tops and the third topping gave us 8 tops. Now that your plant has been topped three times and tied down the main part of the mainlining structure is complete. You can complete this process as many times as you like to fill up your grow area and maximize yields.

Step 5 Grow, Train & Maintain

Why scrog plants

Once you have the main structure complete now you need to maintain this structure well the plants are in the flower cycle. By combining other high stress methods  and low stress training methods you will be able to get the most out of your plants. Your plants will explode in growth over the next week or two Use tie downs or the super cropping technique to keep your canopy height even.

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