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Scrog Cannabis Plants
How to scrog weed plants

You may have never heard of the term SCROG before but you have most likely seen the method being used if you have seen photos or videos of marijuana growing through a screen.  SCROG is short for screen of green and the goal is to fill each of the holes on the screen with a top or branch. Scrogging is used to increase yields and is considered a LST or low stress training method although scrog works best when you combine other training methods like topping, super cropping and LST or low stress training. To scrog properly it takes time and patience to train your plant but the end reward can be well worth it.

Why SCROG Cannabis Plants ?
Why scrog plants

Scrogging can be beneficial when your limited on room or the amount of plants you can grow. Using the scrog method you can easily fill a 5×5 area or grow tent with 1 or 2 plants and maximize your yields using the entire grow area. The main reason why growers use the scrog technique is to maximize their yields. Another reason is when using the scrog method the net supports the plants so no need to stake your plants or worry about the heavy tops falling over and breaking.

How To SCROG Weed Plants

Choosing And Starting Your Plants

how often to water weed plants Choosing the right plants

Step 1

The scrog method can be done with any plants you choose to use. Keep in mind that using the scrog method creates a thick lush canopy of dense buds. If conditions are not optimal the buds will start to rot. With that said there are strains on the market that are mold resistant and perfectly suited for growing using the scrog technique. Once you have your strains picked out and planted grow them until they have a minimum of 5 nodes then proceed to the next step.

Creating More Tops

Step 2
Mainlining Weed Plants

Scrog is a considered a LST or low stress training method as it involves bending and training the branches to grow between the screen holes but for best results we recommend topping the plants 1 – 2 times or more to help with the scrog method. As you can see form the plant above it has been topped once and has created 2 new tops and by pinning the branches down they become even with the lower branches creating 4 tops.  if you top the plant again it will create 8 new tops. Having 8 arms or more tops to start training with makes scroggin easier then trying to train a plant with one top. You can top your plant as many times as you want, when I used to scrog I topped 4 times creating 16 – 32 tops when I was finished depending if I used the lower branches.

Keeping an even canopy

Step 3


Well your training your cannabis plants make sure you keep a even canopy. When its time to place your nets the plants need to be level across the whole canopy so the light can stay as close to the net as possible to ensure the best yield. If plants are stretching and you need to raise the light for them it will take away from the rest of the canopy. The best way I found to create a lush even canopy was with a mix of topping the plants and then training them by super cropping or LST bending the branches to go in the direction desired.

Clean Bottoms To Get Ready For Netting

Step 4

scrogging cannabis plants\

Once your plants start filling out the net it is going to be all tops and light will not be penetrating the bottom of the plants at all. To help your plants grow better and to help increase the yields clean up any bottom branches that do not reach the net and clean up and leaves so the plant can focus all its energy on the top branches. You want to do this before your plants go into flower as once the nets are on you will not be able to remove them or your plants. The process of removing the under growth is called lollipopping.

Placing Branches In The Net

Step 5

How to scrog

Always try to fill each square of the net and never put two branches in one square. With a thick canopy of donkey dicks you want to have the proper spacing for air to flow through the buds so you avoid getting bud rot.  Try not to leave any holes empty that way you maximize the yield potential and you get the most out of the net and grow area..

Tie to Net if Needed 

Step 6

Scrog Cannabis Plants

If your having trouble with branches that are growing faster then the others simply let them grow through a hole in the net and then bend the branch to go down through the next and up through the next like your weaving the plant. If the branch will not stay where you want it to use something to tie the branch to the net this will hold it in place. This will expose the nodes to light in the empty holes and create new tops to grow in that spot . If the branch will not bend you can use the super cropping technique to manipulate the branch any way you like.

Maintaining The Scrog Method

Step 7

Scrog Marijuana

Once your net is set up now it is time to maintain the scrog method. It is up to you to monitor humidity in the room and keep it at optimal levels to prevent mold from starting in the thick dense buds. Continue to pick off any big feeder leaves below the canopy this will allow your buds to get bigger as the energy gets focused more on the buds. As mentioned earlier using the scrog method gives you a thicker denser canopy and that means air circulation is important.  Make sure to have a fan blowing on the canopy at all times.

Big Rewards From The Scrog Method

Step 8

Scrog to get big yields

Time and patience pays off when completing the scrog method and your rewarded with nice huge yields. Although it takes longer to complete this method compared to growing cannabis regularly if done right the yields can make up for it.

Much Respect & Happy Growing
Written By @NsRob

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