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Stages Of The Cannabis Plant

When growing cannabis the life cycle of the plant has 4 different stages. It is important to know the difference between each stage and what stage of growth your in as each growth stage requires a different amount of care.


Germination Stage
germination stage

The germination stage is the first stage in the cannabis life cycle. To learn how to germinate cannabis seeds click the seed with the tap root above. The germination stage can take anywhere from 3-10 days on average depending on genetics, how old the seeds are, and the growing conditions they are being germinated in.  Once your seed has a tap root similar to the seed above its time to place the seed into the medium. Once the seed sprouts and you get your first set of serrated leaves the plant will no longer be in the germination stage and will be considered a seedling in the seedling stage. 


Seedling Stage
Cannabis Seedling Stage

The seedling stage is the second stage in the cannabis life cycle and can last from 10 – 20 days or more depending on genetics and the grow environment.  It is important not to over water in the seedling stage or you can slow the growth of the plant or even drown the small roots. Plants will start with 1 serrated leaf and as they grow they will add more blades to the leaf usually starting with 1 then 3 then 5 then 7 up to 11 blades per leaf or more. Once your plant has reached a point where the leaves have between 5-7 blades this means your cannabis plant is now mature and no longer in the seedling stage and is now in the vegetative stage.


Vegetative Stage
Cannabis Vegetation stage

The vegetative stage is the third stage in the cannabis life cycle and the stage that sets the overall height, width and structure of the plant. This is where you can replant,  top and train your plants to grow as big as you want and in what ever direction you want. The vegetative stage can last anywhere from 20 – 100 days or more depending on genetics, grow conditions, overall goals etc. The longer you let your plant veg for the bigger your plant will be at the end of it’s life cycle. Most indoor growers will grow their plants until they are 2-4 feet in veg before flipping into flower and that will give a end result of 3-6 foot plants give or take and depending on genetics.


Flower Stage
Cannabis Flower Stage

The Flower stage is the final stage in the cannabis life cycle and where the grower gets rewarded for all their hard work. The flower stage can be between 50 – 80 days and can even go longer depending on the genetics your growing and how big your growing your plants. It’s important to give the plants the nutrients they need to thrive in the flower stage. I personally use Remo Nutrients and consider it to be one of the best nutrient companies on the market. Humidity needs to be monitored and keep between 40% – 50% with the max being 55% any higher will risk the chance of bud rot or your buds going moldy and this is every growers nightmare to see a crop ruined due to high humidity in the flower stage. The easiest way to tell when your plants is ready is to look at the trichomes through a 20x – 60x or greater scope and look for cloudy or milky colored trichomes. When 60% or more of the trichomes are cloudy with some being amber this is a good time to harvest and leaves you usually a 1 week harvest window.


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