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Remo Nutrients Review

9.5 Stars Out Of 10

Remo Nutrients ReviewBefore I get started with my Remo Nutrients review I want to make it clear that I am not sponsored or paid in anyway to do this review, I am doing because I believe in the product and I am happy with the results I get using it. Let’s start with some history, I have been growing for more the 10+ years and started with General Hydroponics Nutrients when I first started growing. After using GH for close to 4 years I was introduced to Advanced Nutrients. I made the switch to advanced and continued to use that for close to 4 years before before I came across Remo Nutrients in 2017.  After testing Remo Nutrients for two crops and noticing significantly better results  I made the switch to Remo and have been using them ever sense. 


Who Is Remo
Who Is Remo Nutrients

Remo Is an award winning cannabis grower from Canada who created an easy to use nutrient line for growers of all experience levels. Although I have never Met Remo, I have been watching his YouTube videos for so long I feel like I know him personally lol. Check out Remo’s Youtube Channel Here You will find lots of useful info on growing cannabis, tips and tricks with the remo line and more. Some of my favorite videos are the old Jamaican videos touring the island. Don’t quote me on this but I believe he dose marijuana Monday testing cannabis strains, Hash Wednesday testing Hash and grow room updates Friday.


What Is Remo Nutrients 

What Is Remo Nutrients

Remo Nutrients is a 7 part nutrient line that consists of 3 main products Bloom, Grow, Micro and 4 additives Velo Kelp, Astro Flower, Natures Candy, and Magnifical. Remo Nutrients was designed to take your cannabis plants to the next level increasing growth, weight and quality of the flower. Remo Nutrients also makes Remo Root Gel for cloning cannabis plants.

Bloom – Used in Flowering stage to promote bud growth and increase yields.
Grow – Used in the veg stage to promote healthy and fast growth.
Micro – Used in the veg and flower stage to give the plants the nutrients the need to stay healthy
Magnifical – Used in veg and flower stage, helps plants to intake nutrients 
Velo Kelp – Used in veg and flower stage, Promotes vigorous root development
Astro Flower – Used in the flowering stage to help increase potency
Natures Candy – Used in the flowering stage to improve nutrient uptake


When To Use Remo Nutrients

Remo Nutrients

Remo Nutrients can be used from the seedling stage right through to the flower stage and into the cloning stage. Remo’s Velo Kelp or Magnifical can be used as a foliar spray in the veg stage and will help your plants to flourish. Velo Kelp can also be used to help with cloning cannabis and can be combined with Remo Root Gel.


Where To Get Remo Nutrients

Where To Get Remo Nutrients

Remo Nutrients can easily be found through out North America, South America and Europe.  I always bought my Remo Nutrients from the local grow store but that has recently closed down for good. If you can not find Remo Nutrients at your local grow store you can purchase it from Amazon or check the Find a retailer on the remo nutrients website


Why I Use Remo Nutrients
how much can I yield in grow tent


To grow cannabis your plants need essential nutrients to grow fast,  healthy and strong. Remo Nutrients has all the essential nutrients your plants need to grow healthy and have huge yields.  I use Remo Nutrients for a number of reasons but the main two reason is the quality of the plants when finished and the bigger yields. Other reasons are I like supporting fellow growers & Canadians, the nutrient is easy to PH being ph balanced, the velo kelp works amazing for cloning and as a folier spray and finally the price. I am not saying it is the cheapest nutrients on the market but for the products you get and how well they work I would argue that they are the best nutrients on the market for the price. 
Example From Popular Online Store Below

Bloom, Grow, Micro By Remo Nutrients 4L Estimated $109.00

Bloom, Grow, Micro By General hydroponics 3.79L Estimated $137.40

Bloom, Grow, Micro By Advanced Nutrients 4L Estimated $199.84

Some Of My Plants Grown With Remo 

Remo Nutrients for marijuana Remo Nutrients for cannabis Grown with Remo Nutrients Remo Nutrients review

Remo Nutrient Remo Nutrients review Remo Nutrients review Remo Nutrients review

How To Use Remo Nutrients 

To use Remo Nutrients you can follow the directions that is on the bottles or you can use the Remo Nutrient Calculator

Foliar Spray 

If you want nice green healthy plants I recommend using the Velo Kelp as a foliar spray. I have been using 5ML to 10ML per liter and the plants seem to love it but all genetics are different. 

My Review After 3 years


As you can tell by the 9.5 star rating I am just as happy with Remo Nutrients as I was 3+ years ago when I first started using it. Using Remos Nutrients I have not dealt with a nutrient deficiency in my plants in over 3 years. One of the highlights of using Remo is every time someone sees my plants they ask how I get them so green and healthy and I always say that is a mix of having optimal growing conditions and good nutrients. The nutrients are not overpowering at all and rarely do I see nutrient burn on the leaves if following the feeding chart.  As I mentioned at the start I have been growing for 10+ years and used upwards of 5-6 other nutrient companies and never have I seen trichome production like I do with REMO. From my experience after making the switch to remo I noticed the plants grew faster, tasted better, smelled stronger and yielded more. Remo is easy to use and if you purchase the supercharged kit it comes with a cool little measuring cup that comes in handy and lighter leash to keep your lighters close at all times. Remo is a grower that enjoys helping other growers. I often find my self watching his grow room updates on YouTube where he answers viewers questions from the previous episodes and gives tips for healthier and happier plants. I also watch hash Wednesdays and the weekly strain reviews as he always takes time to educate whenever he can. The customer service is amazing I have reached out to the company twice in the past and both times got a response in under 24 hours and the support was super friendly. Also I appreciate the fact Remo takes the time to interact with his followers and customers. I have reached out to Remo personally several times with questions and he always got back to me and took time to answer the questions in detail. 

Remo Roots 
Remo Roots is another product made by the Remo Nutrients company. After seeing the difference Remo Nutrients made in the grow room I decided to give Remo Roots a try. Previously I was using a rooting powder and most clones would root in 8-10 days. After making the switch to Remo Roots and a mixture of water and velo kelp I now am able to get my clones to root in 6-8 days depending on the genetics I am cutting.  

Shelf Life 

The shelf life is 2-3 years if kept at room temperature and closed. If opened, it’s best to use the product within 6 months. The only reason I did not give Remo Nutrients a 10/10 is because the there was 2 times in the past 3 years I purchased nutrients and had a small issue.  The first time I used the nutrients for the first crop and by the second crop the grow started to change color and had broken down and had stuff floating in it. The second time was the same thing but I bought the nutrients and soon as I opened the grow it was old and discolored. The second time I returned to the store and they replaced it for me. Now I never had this happen again in the past 2 years and I believe this could of been that the store had stock sitting for a long period of time and I just happened to buy old stock but I do want to be honest with my review. I could have reached out to the company about this but the first time the nutrients was almost gone and the second time the store I got it from handled the situation. 


It is up to you what nutrients you use but if your looking to get the most out of your cannabis plants and support a fellow grower who gives back to the cannabis community I recommend giving Remo Nutrients a try.  I am yet to have anyone come back to me unhappy that I have recommend Remo Nutrients To.


Much Respect & Happy Growing
Written By @NsRob

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