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SunStream Grow Tent Review

8.5 Out Of 10 Stars

SunStream Grow Tent Review

SunStream is a Canadian company that have been in business sense 2016. After receiving a message asking about the quality of the SunStream tents I had to reply with I did not know they make tents and could not give a direct answer.  Knowing that I needed a small tent for an upcoming experiment I scanned though Ebay to find that SunStream had the cheapest tent with shipping to my area  so here we are today doing the review of the SunStream grow tents.


Grow Tent Ordering & Shipping
Grow Tent Ordering & Shipping

Ordering the tent was a breeze, I usually order through Amazon but I ordered though Ebay as I had some PayPal funds I wanted to spend. I ordered the tent on the 2nd of Sept on a Wednesday and I received the tent Tuesday the 8th. I would have got the tent sooner but there was a holiday and the mail workers had it off. When I got the tent there is a nice clear warning on the box telling people not to cut the box open so you do not risk cutting the tent. The tent was packaged well and no damage from shipping so I was very happy with the ordering and shipping process.


Grow Tent Setup & Install
Grow Tent Setup & Install

Having put together more then 10+ grow tents from different brands over the past 4 years it has come fairly easy and is nothing for me to throw a tent up in 10 to 15 minutes by myself.  This tent Once I figured out the mistake in the instructions went together in less then 10 min. The instructions had 4 poles labeled A and 4 Poles Labeled D but in the box there was no poles labeled D only 8 poles labeled A. The D poles were a bit longer then the A poles so I was worried  but the tent went together anyways and I believe is like 1 inc shorter. For that reason I am taking off 1 star from the rating.


Quality Of Grow Tent
Quality Of Grow Tent

For the price the tent has more features then some of the more expensive tents I own. Putting the tent together, the tent has the same 600d thickness most other tents on market has giving it the 1-2 year lifespan and has sturdy metal bracing and poles. The tent comes with more vents then is needed so you have tons of options.There is also screened window vents to pull air though, a great feature for keeping humidity out of smaller tents. My only complaint with the tent would be the zipper. There seems to be allot of loose thread around where the zipper was put onto the tent and the zipper often gets caught in these threads jamming up the zipper.  Other then the zipper I have no complaints with the quality.


Why 8.5 Stars?

The reason I gave the tent 8.5 stars is the zipper drives me crazy how it jams up on the threads and I have used the nail clippers to trim the threads but it was just a sloppy job putting the zipper on. The second reason is the instructions says there should have been 4 poles labeled as D that were longer then the A poles but I got 2 sets of poles marked A that were the same size so for this reason it brings the tent down to 8.5 stars.

Update After One Year

I will come back to this review and do a updated review after 1 year to let everyone know how the tent is holding it and if there is any changes to the first time I made the review. When I do the 1 year update we will re post the blog again across social media.



Overall for the money I spent I am happy with the tent. If I spent 200 to 300 dollars and there was a issue I would be upset. Overall I would purchase one of the SunStream tents again if I was looking for a budget tent. For the price, the quality and the features the tent is well worth the money. I can not say anything about support as I did not reach out to them but they have several contact options available.

Much Respect & Happy Growing
Written By @NsRob

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