How often do I water my cannabis plants
how often to water cannabis plants

Getting Started

Another one of the most asked questions I get from new growers is how often do I water or feed my plants. A big part of this will depend on the size of pots you’re using, temperature and humidity of the room and what stage of the growth cycle you’re in. This is one of the topics among growers where everyone has there own opinions and methods. If researched online you will find each article will contradict the next. The first article will state not to give the plant to much water as you could drown the plant. The next article will tell you to give the plant water until you see say 30% pouring out of the bottom. Neither of these methods is wrong, they simply found what works for them but some methods will allow your plants to grow faster.  This is why I always mention in my blogs to do your research look at 4-5 articles and find a method that works for you. If you have more then 1 plant try different methods on each plant and by the end of your crop you will know what method works best for your growing style. Keep in mind each plant is different and some genetics handle more nutrients than others. 

Under Watering

Underwatering your plants can stunt the growth of your plants and minimize the yield.  If your soil is starting to make a gap between it and the pot chances are your soil is to dry. Underwatering will cause your plants to wilt, the leaves will turn yellow and even sometimes brown and brittle to the touch. If your plant gets to this point it can still be saved. give it a good drink and wait for the soil to soak up the water. wait a few minutes then give it another drink followed by increasing the watering time.

Over Watering

Overwatering will also stunt and slow your plant growth. Signs of overwatering can be when the leaves start to droop or curl and spots of yellowing on leaves. Common problems from overwatering arise from using too big of a pot too soon or watering daily. If your plant is suffering from overwatering let soil on top get dry about 1 inch from the top and start by giving it smaller amounts of water and only feed when the plant needs it or when the soil starts to dry out.

Using City Water
watering cannabis plants

If you’re using City Water you might have heard to let the water sit before using it. This is due to the chlorine and fluoride normally found in Municipal Water. By letting your water sit for a minimum of 24 hours it will allow the chlorine and fluoride to dissipate. In some cases, it can take up to 72 hours, I usually let my water sit out 24-48 hours with an airstone in the bottom providing oxygen to the water

Always PH your Water & Nutrients
How to ph your plants

PH plays a very important role when growing cannabis. If the pH is not correct then your plant will not be able to absorb the nutrients it needs correctly. Each plant is different they will tell you what they need, if the leaves are yellow they might not be getting the nutrients they need and you might need to adjust the pH. It is recommended when starting with seeds or clones to keep the pH between 5.5 to 5.8 I myself use around 5.8 and never had bad results. During the veg stage, it is recommended to keep your pH between 5.9 to 6.2 I myself keep my pH at around 6.2 in veg. During flower stage or bloom it is recommended to keep your pH between 6.2 to 6.5 I myself keep my pH at around 6.4. By raising the PH as the plant grows it allows it to absorb more nutrients as it needs it.

Knowing Your Pots
feel pots to know when to water

If you plan on growing rather it be for recreational or medical it is best to get to know your pots. Keep an eye on how much water it takes before it starts coming out the bottom. Try to get a feel for the pot after you watered and before. There will be a big difference. By doing this you will learn to tell when your plants need water by feeling the pot or testing to see how heavy it is.

How I Water My Seeds Or Clones

watering seeds and clones

When I first start a seed or clone in a pot I plant in dry soil. Once planted I give the plants a small drink 1-2 cups of PHed water around where the plant is. I do not try and get the entire pot wet as the roots are not down to the bottom yet. A lot of people do plant in pre-moistened soil or soak the pot when first starting out but from my experience, the plants like the dry-wet method as it mimics what would happen to a plant in the wild. I also find that by soaking the entire pot when first starting out the pot will stay wet for 5-6 days or more, this can promote unwanted bugs like fungus gnats. If you plan on using my method your plant should need water again in around two to three days. Something else I do is I only feed water for the first week. Most soils have everything your plant will need to get started for the first week

How I Water In Veg
how to water in veg

By week 2 I start my plants on nutrients. I only feed my plants when they need as I mentioned I like to mimic the wet-dry scenario that would play out in the wild. In a 7 day cycle, it usually works out that my plants will get two feedings of nutrients and one feeding of water. So if Monday I fed nutrients than nothing for the next 2 days then water on Thursday, then nothing for 2 days and nutrients again on Sunday. This will change depending on what size pots you use and what medium you use as some soils hold water longer. Keep an eye on the tips of your leaves if you noticed they are starting to go brown and burn up lower the amount of nutrients that you’re feeding your plants or skip a day of feeding nutrients and give them a double water.  By week 4 I am usually getting ready to put the plants into flower. I give them 2 final good drinks of water to flush any salts or build up that might have occurred from veg.

How I Water In Flower
How to water well in flower

By week 5 I usually have my plants in flower. I will be slowly increasing the nutrients that are given to my plants and the plants will be starting to dry out faster as they continue to grow. I stick with the same wet-dry method that I use in veg. I only feed my plants if they need it. If I am using 2-3 gallon pots Well in flower this typically equals out to being nutrients Monday nothing Tuesday water Wednesday nothing Thursday nutrients Friday nothing Saturday water Sunday. Using 5-gallon pots I can get away with going 2-3 days instead of every other day.

How I flush My Plants
how to flush cannabis

Flushing plants is another widely debated topic amongst Growers worldwide. Some people say one-week flush is good, some people say you need a two-week flush, some people say you need to flush until the leaves go yellow. Here is how I flush my plants. I like to give my plants a minimum of a 10-day flush. For example, if I have a 70-day plant I will start flushing my plant on day 60. By Day 70 I will have been monitoring the trichomes to look for an amber color if I’m not happy with the percentage of Amber trichomes then I will continue to flush the plant giving it a 14-day flush before cutting. I give my plants water but ensure it does not run out the bottom. I then wait a few minutes and Let the water absorb all the nutrients. After a few minutes, I then give the plant another good drink flushing the water that is in the pot mixed with the nutrients out. I do this every other day for 10 to 14 days.


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