Mangoes can increase & prolong your high
mangoes can increase your high

Quick Facts About Mangoes

Mangoes can increase & prolong your high. Mangoes are a delicious fruit that can always be found at your local grocery store. Not only do mangoes taste good, but they have many positive health benefits. With over 20 vitamins and minerals, studies have shown mangoes can be great for asthma prevention, cancer prevention, Digestion, Obesity, tumor prevention and more.


Myrcene is like the terpenes of cannabis. It is what’s responsible for the aromas of mangoes. Myrcene allows THC to pass through the blood-brain barrier up to 50% faster. Studies show on average, it takes THC seven seconds to reach the brain after inhaling. If you eat a mango or drink a mango smoothie 1.5 to 2 hours before smoking, you could potentially cut that time in half.

How To Increase Your High

Before you get excited this trick will not work for everyone and there are a number of different theories as to what method works best. Different strains of cannabis produce more myrcene varieties than others and the same goes with the different varieties of mangoes. High THC indica strains can contain as much as 2 percent myrcene compared to half that with some sativa or low thc plants. With that said this trick will work best on high thc indicas.  The easiest method is to simply eat a mango 1 to 2 hours before smoking if possible. Some times 1 mango is not enough and people have mentioned eating 2 mangos they noticed a huge difference. Another popular method is to make a mango smoothie or puree. Myrcene can be absorbed by the mucus membranes, this means each time you take a drink if you hold the puree or smoothie under your tongue it will also speed the process along. Next time you’re on your way home pick up a mango smoothie or some mangos and try it for yourself and let us know if it worked in the comments

Delicious Ways To Eat Mangoes

Mango Smoothie
Lots of options but 1banana and 2 mangoes blended into a smoothie is amazing.
Cubed Mango
Cube the mangoes up with a knife and eat them with a spoon or your fingers.
Mango Puree
mangoes and water in a blender
Mango icecream
Buy at the grocery store
Mango Juice
Buy or make lots of recipes online.

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