6 methods To Increase Yields When Growing Cannabis

 Increase Yields When Growing Cannabis

Today we are going to be talking about how to increase the yields when growing cannabis. The methods I will be going over today are all great methods. I have tried each of the methods myself with great success. Each method is unique and its own way and has its own benefits. THC is produced by the cannabis plant for protection so it is said high-stress training using some of the methods below can increase the THC % of the plant.  Please note while each of these methods will increase your yields some will also slow the veg process of your plants and for this reason, some of these methods are not recommended with autoflowers.

topping cannabis plants

Topping is a popular method used by many Growers worldwide. Topping the plant requires you to cut the top of the plant or branch just above the nodes or under the new growth. This will make 2 tops and promote growth in the lower branches. Topping can be done as many times as you like to create as many tops as you want. Topping should be done in Veg only, topping in flower can minimize the yield.  Keep in mind each time you top it can take up to a week to two weeks to recover. I often use this method 1-2 times during veg to get extra tops and bigger yields. Although a lot of people do top autoflower plants, I do not recommend it unless you know the genetics your growing with and can ensure the plant will heal before flowering or topping can lower your yield. Have a look at the photo for the proper way to top.  Topping is considered high-stress training and is said to increase the THC content.

Fiming plants for bigger yields

Fiming is similar to topping. With fiming instead of ending up with two tops, you end up with three or four. To Fim a plant you must cut directly across the center of the new growth rather than under it. Fiming should only be done in veg as it could minimize yields in flower.  Again this could slow your plant’s growth by a couple of days but nowhere near as much as topping. The only downside is the growth is not always consistent like it is with topping. I have tried this method twice and was happy with the results but did not like the way the plants grew so for that reason I prefer to top over fiming. Although I myself do not have experience with fiming autoflowers If I had to choose between the two I would choose to Fim due to the lower recovery time. But keep in mind with the short flower cycle there is a chance of the stress putting them into flower earlier.  Fiming is considered high-stress training and is said to also increase the THC content.

Super Cropping Cannabis

Super cropping is becoming more and more popular each year. This method can be used to keep your plants canopy even throughout. To Super crop your plants you need to grab the branch or stem you want to Super crop and pinch with your thumb and forefinger well slowly bending the plant in the direction you want. The trick is to squeeze the stems before bending then bend the plant until you hear a snap. If the skin splits you might need to tape it up so it heals properly. Using tie downs will help to keep branches positioned.  Super cropping will allow you to achieve more tops and allow the lower growth to rise up and become one with the main canopy.  I often use this method to keep canopy growth at the same height. Super cropping is also considered high-stress training and said to increase the THC content.

Scrog Cannabis Plants

The scrog method is becoming a popular method with Growers worldwide. To scrog, you will need a screen or net to go over your canopy. This can be made from something like chicken wire or nylon or plastic netting can be bought fairly cheap from most grow stores. The trick with this method is to be tucking your plant’s branches through the holes of the screen as they grow filling up each hole in the screen or net. By doing this you end up all tops through the screen. The screens are used to hold up plants branches but can be a pain in big setups as once your plants are in the nets they are usually there to stay. This method can be great and Grow rooms or grow tents and it’s not as hard on your plants as other high-stress training methods. Scroggin can lead to huge yields but will take longer in veg to fill the net.

Low-Stress Training
Low Stress Training Cannabis

Low-stress training is another popular method among Growers and one of the few methods I would recommend when growing autoflowers. Unlike any of the other methods low-stress training does not require you to break or cut the plant in any way whatsoever. To Low-stress train your plants you need to tie a rope to your pot and then to the branch or stem you wish to train slowly bending the branch or stem and tieing it off with the rope. Allow the plant to bend at its own rate increasing the pressure on the rope each day until you get the desired position of the branch without breaking it.  By doing this it will allow the light to penetrate the lower canopy to promote better growth and bigger yields.

Adding C02

increase your cannabis yields

Adding CO2 is no new trick. CO2 has been being used by growers for years indoors. It has been proven that CO2 helps to increase yields, helps to prevent mold and pests, helps to speed up vegetative growth rate, as well as helps your plants to thrive. C02 is best used during veg and first few weeks of flower but I use it up to the last 2 weeks of flower. CO2 can be dangerous at high levels if you’re using a CO2 generator or burner be sure to keep a monitor on hand. If you’re growing in a tent or smaller rooms using a CO2 bag or bottle you will have nothing to worry about. I highly recommend using CO2 when growing, it is a small investment and your plants will reward you greatly.


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