What Do I Need To Grow Cannabis For The First Time?

What do I need to grow cannabis for the first time? This is something that is commonly asked by people looking to take on their first crop. Having the right grow environment will ensure your plants stay healthy and that you get the best yields.  I will list everything needed for the optimal grow environment below. Some of the items I list you might not need depending on the climate you live in and where you have the grow room or tent located. For example if you live in Alaska where it is always cold you might not need a air conditioner but instead a heater.

Growing On A Budget

Everyone has to start somewhere. Do not stress if you can not afford the $1000 dollar grow light that everyone is bragging about. This is something you can work you way up to over time once your sure growing is something you want to stick with and your sure that expensive light will suit your growing conditions. The items I am listing below are gear I have used before and will put my name behind you do not need to buy the exact same items that I list,  I am using them as a example to show you what you need to create the optimal grow environment.

Everything Needed To grow Cannabis

best 4x4 grow tent lights

Grow Tent Or Grow Room
Having a air tight grow room or grow tent makes controlling the climate so much easier and also helps to keep the smell and light contained. It is important that light is not leaking into the grow tent or room when in the flower stage as it will stress the plants out and could make them start seeding. When starting to grow for the first time I recommend a 4×4 or 5×5 tent to get started with.  Click the image above to purchase the tent I personally use.

Migro best led

Grow Light Or Lights
 A good grow light will be needed for monster yields and to get the most out of your genetics. Yes that 99 dollar amazon light will grow your cannabis but they wont last and you can not expect huge yields. I recommend LED lights to keep the heat down and to save on electricity. The Quantum boards are nice, Migro lights work well, New Mars Hydro lights work well, spectrum king as well.  Click the photo to purchase one of the lights I use

Grow Pots
Grow pots come in many different shapes, styles, and sizes. The most commonly used pots for growing cannabis are plastic pots, fabric pots and air pruning pots. The most common sizes in gallons are 1g,  2g, 3g, 5g, 10g I myself use a mix between fabric pots and plastic pots and I use 3 and 5 gallon pots  but it is up to use what pots you use. Click the pots in the image to purchase the pots I use.

Cloudline best 8 inch grow fans for 2019

Intake Fan
In take fans in the grow room or grow tent will help to control the climate the plants are growing in. Intake fans can be used to help raise and lower humidity and temperatures in the grow room and bring in fresh air for your plants to thrive on. There are lots of options on the market for intake fans I recommend the AC Infinity fans from experience.  Click the image above to purchase the fans I use.

Ac Infinity Cloudline

Out Take Fan
Outtake fans are used in combination with charcoal filters in the grow room to exhaust and scrub the air and to prevent odors from escaping the grow room. Out tale fans are also used to help control the climate for the grow room by working with your intake fans.I personally use the AC Infinity fans but there are lots of options on the market. Click the image to purchase the fans I use.

How to grow cannabis carbon filters

Charcoal Filter
Charcole filters are used in combination with the outtake fans and are used to scrub the air inside your grow room or grow tent. Cheap charcoal filters tend to plug up before getting one crop off so make sure you get a reliable filter with good reviews online. I personally use the can filters can lite models but the AC infinity charcoal filters work amazing from the reviews. Click the image to purchase a filter.

PH Cannabis when growing

PH Meter
Ph Meters or kits are important to have  in the grow room for insuring your plants can intake nutrients properly.  if your PH is to high or to low your plants will start to show you signs such as the leaves turning yellow or burning up. I always recommend growers to have a PH test kit with 3 drop solution and if they want something easier get a PH meter as well but it is always good to have a backup.Click the photo above to purchase the PH meter I use.

PH Up & Down
PH Up and down are used to adjust the ph levels of your water or nutrients. In most cases you will typically be using one or the other depending on the PH level your water comes out at but it’s always good to have both just in case. You can test the run off water from your plants to get a idea on the soil PH and can adjust your next feedings accordingly.  I use GH UP and down but it is pricey. Click the photo above to purchase the PH Up and Down I use.

What soil to use growing cannabis

Growing Medium
Having good soil with enough drainage is important for your cannabis plants to thrive. Stay away from purchasing the cheap soil at the dollar store as it known to have bugs though out it. I myself use HP Pro-Mix and add some worm castings into the mix. Do some research on what is in your area and check for reviews online or drop us a email.

How to grow cannabis Nutrients

Nutrients helps the plants grow bigger and stronger each day. With out nutrients the plants will turn yellow and grow allot slower and will even die off. To much nutrients will do the same thing and can burn up and kill off your plants. There are lots of options on the market from organic to non organic . I use Remo Nutrients Click the photo to purchase them online.

equipment needed for growing cannabis

Air Conditioner
Air conditioners help to cool the grow room or grow tent. Depending on the climate you live in and where you have the grow tent or room located you might not need a air conditioner.  If you find your room getting 28 degrees or hotter I would recommend getting a air conditioner to help keep things cool. Click the image above to purchase the AC unit I use.

Dehumidifier Growing Cannabis

Dehumidifiers are use in the grow room or grow tent to help control humidity. The can be useful when in flower to keep humidity down to prevent the buds from molding. Dehumidifiers can also be use in the drying and curing process to help ensure the optimal humidity levels are maintained.  Click the photo above to purchase the dehumidifier that I use.

End All For Cannabis

End All
It’s all about preventive measures. If you take measures to prevent things from happening in the future you should not have any issues. One of the biggest pests in the grow room is mites and thrips. Use end all once a week in veg stage to prevent bugs from taking over your crops.  I use this in veg even know I have not had bugs in over a year it works great.  Click the image to purchase end all online.

Fans are used in the grow room to blow the plants around.This helps the plants grow by allowing them to strengthen up there stocks by blowing in the wind. Fans also help to prevent the buds from going moldy in the flower cycle by blowing air in between the buds to stop them from sweating.  Each light in the grow room should have it’s own fan. Click the image to purchase the fan I use.

Temperature / Humidity Monitor

Temp/Humidity Monitor
Temperature and and humidity monitors are used to record the minimum and max temperature and humidity levels in the grow room. For under $20 they are great to have to keep track of of your grow room temp and humidity levels well your away, sleeping or at work. Click the photo above to purchase the monitors I use.

Grow Glasses

Grow Room Glasses
Grow room glasses is something over looked by new and experienced growers around the world. Fact is grow lights are hard on your eyes and most people who work under them do not experience problems until down the road. Grow glasses are cheap and worth every penny to save your eyes. Click the photo above to purchase the glasses I use

Do I Need Everything Listed Above

No you can get away with not having a air conditioner if your able to control your temps in the grow room. Your able to get away with no dehumidifier if your able to control your humidity in the grow room.  If your not worried about the smell you do not need a charcoal filter it is up to you to decide what you need form this list. Once your grow tent or grow room is setup and you have ran your light for 24 to 48 hours with plants inside you will have a idea on what the temps and humidity will be and can plan from there on what to add or not.Just remember if your growing in the winter chances are you might need a ac for the summer.


In the end it is up to you what gear you choose to use for your grow setup. I have listed everything I use and that I believe you need to have a successful crop as a first time grower. Some of the items in the list you might not need depending on the climate you live but for the most part all of the items listed will come in handy some time through the grow.

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