Ohuhu 60"x 60"x 80" Grow Tent Review

Ohuhu 60″x 60″x 80″ Grow Tent Review
Product Rating 9/10

The Ohuhu Grow tent was the second grow tent I have purchased  to test out. I purchased this grow tent last year after relocating and having a spare bedroom I wanted to put to use, so I purchased the Ohuhu 5 x 5 grow tent and I am still using it today.  I do have 3 other tents from different companies as well, I all ready did a review on the Viparspectra 2 in 1 grow tent  so I will do a review on the other two brands in the coming weeks and they will all be found in the grow tent review category.  For the most part allot of the tents on the market are coming from the same supplier in China and appear to be the same quality and stitching but different colors and different logos on them. The same can be said for allot of the cheaper grow lights on Amazon they all come from the same 2-3 companies and depending on how much the company pays for quality control depends on if your going to get a item with defects or not. With that said we do know there are some higher end grow tent brands on the market that do not use the china suppliers but we have not had a chance to test them yet.

Ohuhu Grow Tent Shipping Review

Grow Tent Ordering And Shipping

The best place to get the Ohuhu grow tent with the fastest shipping is the online Amazon shop. If you have Prime you can get the tent shipped to your door with in 2 days from ordering. When I got the tent everything was packaged very well nothing was damaged and all the parts were there to put it together.

Ohuhu Grow Tent

Grow Tent Setup and Install

Setup and installation of the 5 x 5 Ohuhu grow tent was by far the easiest of the 4 tents I own to install. Now that could be because I had the experience from the first tent I purchased but the install guide was easy to follow and I was easily able to build the grow tent and put it together by myself. The tents polls had no problem hanging the carbon filter, fan, and light with ease. Total time to set the tent up with my light, power cord, fans and monitor took me about 40 min so it only took around 25 min to put the tent together by myself.

Ohuhu Grow Tent review

Quality Of  Grow Tent

The quality of tent overall is good. My cat put two small pin holes that I could see light coming out of when I first set the tent up and I used some black liquid electrical tape and put a drop on each pin hole and never had a problem sense.  The tent stays air tight with all the vents shut  and I like the layout of the door and how the door zipper don’t stop at a pole like some tents making it hard to unzip . The poles for the tent are metal and nice and strong unlike some tents with plastic poles. The are lots of vent options on the tent are nice and a viewing window in the door. At the end of the day  I am happy with the quality of the tent and would recommend it to a friend. .

Ohuhu Grow Tent rating

Ohuhu Grow Tent  After 1 Year

After owning the Ohuhu 5 x 5 grow tent and using it everyday for the past year the tent is still going strong and still in the same shape it was when I got it.  The only issue I seem to have is every now and then the zipper gets caught on the fabric when zipping up the door. Other then that one small issue the tent is holding up great and I would purchase another If needed.

Ohuhu Grow Tent Rating 9/10?

Ohuhu Grow Tent Rating 9/10?

Why 9/10 rating on the Ohuhu grow tent? For the simple fact that  it is one of the cheapest 5 x 5 grow tents on the market and it dose what it is meant to do. The quality of the tent is great, no stitching ripping out anywhere, still no light leaks after 1 year of usage, and fast shipping from amazon.


If your looking for a cheap grow tent to grow in why pay $300 for one when you can buy a Ohuhu for half the price. Yes you might need to deal with the zipper jamming every once in a while but you will save $ to put into the grow setup elsewhere.  Out of the 4 tents brands I own if I needed to buy another I would go with Ohuhu again as it dose the same thing the other tents do and I know they last and do not fall apart after 1 year of use.

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