5 Tools Every Cannabis Grower Should Own

When growing cannabis there are lots of tools on the market, some of them are to help make the growers job easy, some of them are beneficial to ensuring a good healthy crop, and some of them are just gimmicks and do not work at all.  Today I will go over 5 tools every cannabis grower should own and that I personally recommend every grower to have. Each of the tools mentioned below will all help you in a different way. One of the tools mentioned is for health reasons well the others will help you determine whats going on with your plants when issues arise or will help you to prevent any issues from arising in the first place.

#1 Ph Meters

If you noticed I said PH meters instead of meter that is because I believe it is crucial to always have a back up.  One of the most of important parts of growing cannabis is ensuring your ph levels remain at 5.5 – 6.5 for hydro and 6.0 to 7.0 for soil or your cannabis plants will not properly intake nutrients. I personally keep my ph between 6.2 and 6.4 but everyone has their own preference. Your plants will talk to you if they are not happy. If you see the leaves going yellow this could be a sign the PH is off. Next time you flush test the run off water from the pot and see what the PH is this will allow you to make some adjustments next feeding.  I recommend a digital PH meter for ease of use and old school 3 drop ph tester to have as a back up and to compare to the digital meter from time to time. I personally  own the meter in the photo it cost me $30 and I have owned it for a little over 1 year now. Other then calibrating it every 2 months or so I only needed to change the battery once so far sense owning and I use it every two days.

#2 MicroScope

Not every one uses a microscope in the grow room. Most new growers will buy seeds that say grow time 70 days and grow them for 70 days in flower and cut them down. The fact of the matter is the microscope can help you to ensure your cutting your plants down at the optimal time to ensure the best quality product.  When getting close to harvest you want to look for your trichomes to start going cloudy.Some plants the trichomes will turn cloudy and some will truen amber brown color. When you see 50% or more of the trichomes cloudy its the best time to cut your plants down. The microscope can also help in the grow room for finding and making identifying insects and pests easier as some of the mites and other pests can be hard to spot for some people.

#3 Temperature & humidity Monitor

A temperature and humidity monitor can help keep track of whats going on in the grow room. Plants thrive and grow faster and healthier in the right conditions and temperatures. One way to ensure your temps are not hotter then normal during the day or colder then normal in the night is to have a temp and humidity monitor with min and max history. They can be purchased from amazon for as little as $10 -$15 and help you to keep track of whats going on in the grow room. If it gets to hot or to cold in the grow room it can stunt your plants growth lower the yield or even stop the plant from growing. I have tried the $150 weather stations but in the end I have about 15 similar to the one in the photo above I keep going back to as they are easy to use, they last and seem to work well and batteries last close to 1 year in them.

#4 TDS Meter

A TDS meter stands for Total Dissolved Solids and can be used to check the parts per million of minerals and nutrients you add to your water. A common problem when it comes to growing cannabis is nutrient burn where the tips of your leaves start to burn up and curl. A TDS meter can help to ensure your not over feeding your plants causing them to burn up and can save you money by ensuring your not over feeding wasting your nutrients. TDS meters can be purchased for between $30 -$100+ dollars and will need to be calibrated so calibration solution will need to be purchased as well but they are good tools to have around the grow room to monitor your PPM levels. I use my TDS meter as the plants talk to me and leaves start changing or once  a month to test to ensure my feedings are still in a acceptable range.

#5 Proper Glasses

This is something that is often over looked in the grow room and something most new growers fail to invest in.  If you every noticed when you walk in the grow room your eyes squint right away?This is your eyes going into defense mode, in other words they are telling you the light is to bright. Each time you go into the grow room the damage gets compounded and eventually this is going to lead to long team eye problems. Glasses sell anywhere from $10 to $100 or more dollars and you can buy glasses that do not alter the color or vision. If you plan on growing long term I recommend you look at getting yourself a pair a glasses to wear well your in the grow room or grow tent. We only have 1 set of eyes do your part to make them last.


There are lots of tools on the market to make growers jobs easier and that some people might feel are beneficial or crucial to have in the grow room.  This is my top 5 tools that I thinks every cannabis grower should own. If you have a tool you like to use in the grow room let us know in the comments below we would love to hear from ya.

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