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VIPARSPECTRA 2 in 1 Grow Tent Review

Product Rating 7/10

This is the forth brand of grow tents I have used over the years  I will do a review on the others soon. All though the VIPARSPECTRA 2 in 1 Grow Tent tent was not the cheapest tent I ownd and did not exactly work as advertised out of the box and lacked some quality on the stitching in the end I made it work and it done what I needed it to do. I will explain what I mean about the not as advertised below but out of the 4 different tent brands I tried I would put this one in second due to a few reasons I will list below.



Ordering & Shipping

Ordering the tent was easy as I ordered it through Amazon where I normally shop online. Shipping to about 1 week to get to my place and the package arrive with some damage to the metal shelf as it was bent out of shape a bit. No big deal the metal as I was able to easily bend it back into shape. Other then the shelf being bent everything else was packaged well and in good shape.


2 in 1 grow tent review VIPARSPECTRA Grow Tent Review

Setup & Usage

Instructions were straight forward but could have been a bit more detailed. Once you get the tent stretched out and figure out what part is the top of the tent and what part is the bottom you can pull it over the top of the frame and lift it up to fit the bottom section then zip it up. Due to the 2 different sections this was the longest tent for me to setup taking close to 1 hour but I was putting it together by my self and mixed up the top and bottom at first so that took some time to realize and fix. After it was setup I inspected the tent and noticed that the 3 sections we not sealed from light I will talk about this below in the not as advertised section. I also noticed some stitching ripping out of the divider. I fixed this with some tape and contacted support and they were quick to reply and come up with a solution I was happy with.  The zippers on the tent work good and the windows are a nice feature to peak at your plants with out opening the tent.  



Not Exactly As Advertised

As I mentioned above one of the main reasons I ordered this tent to test is the fact it advertised 3 separate grow sections. After getting the tent set up as you can see in the photos above the divider dose not cover the corners so light leaks through meaning if you have clones in one side on 18 hours light on and 6 off and plants in flower on 12 and 12 the light leaking through will mess up the cycle. This is a easy fix with some ducting tape I simply went to the local hardware store and grabbed some and tapped up the corners but I should not of had to do that they should include the tape with the tent to make it 3 separate sections.


grow tent review VIPARSPECTRA review

Quality Of Tent

The quality of the tent it’s self can be compared to the other tents I have the stitching for the most part is good. The zippers seem to work really good and do not always get fetched up like some tents with the weaker soft plastic zippers. The polls on the tent are metal and went together with out any issues but the divider that divides the 4×4 section is another story. As seen in the photos above the stitching started to rip from the divider shortly after installing it. The divider also did not cover the corners so I needed to purchase some tape to tape them up to ensure the light did not leak though. I use the same tape to tape around the divider to hold it in place to prevent any more stitching from ripping out. Other then that I am happy with the tent and reported the  minor problems to customer service and they have forwarded they to quality control to have them fixed in the future.


cannabis customer service

Customer Service

I contacted customer support to report mostly about the stitching ripping from the divider but I also let them know about how the divider dose not cover the corners and I also let them know the shelf come in bent out of shape due to shipping. I chatted back and forth with support for 3 days in a row and in the end we come to  a solution that I was happy with. They also informed me they were going to forward my issues to the quality control department to ensure this will not continue to happen in the future. Overall I could not complain the tent was usable support was friendly and they put a effort in to fix the problem from happening to others.


Why 7 Out Of 10?

I was happy with the quality of the VIPARSPECTRA 2 in 1 Grow Tent it’s self and the fact it has the metal poles. I was happy with the amount of ventilation holes in the tent  and the windows make a nice feature as well. The tent it’s self is sturdy, no light at all leaks though the tent, the windows will leak light if they are not sealed properly but that can be expected. I am not a fan how the door opens on the small size the zippers go down around the pole onto the sides of the tent where the door should of stayed on the one side as it makes the door fold into the plants and harder to zipper up. Customer service was good and shipping time was decent. other then the few issues below that I fixed I would rate this tent a 7/10

-1 Point for the price at $200 if I did not need to tape up the corners and divider and the stitching was not ripping $200 would be fair
-1 Point Divider poor quality stitching ripping
-1 Point Divider don’t cover corners needed to tape up



If your looking for a tent with 3 separate grow chambers the VIPARSPECTRA 2 in 1 Grow Tent will work. I am still using this tent and other then the few minor issues I am happy with it. You will need to tape up the corners but big deal once that is done the tent functions great. The benefit of this is you can have mothers in the bottom section clones and plants in veg in the top section and plants in flower in the big section allowing for a all in one operation  to speed things up and make a self sufficient tent.

Much Respect @NsRob

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