The 20 Ways That Cannabis Will Boost Your Health

The 20 Ways That Cannabis Will Boost Your Health

Cannabis comes in various forms, and its health benefits keep growing. Cannabis contains a chemical compound known as CBD that enables better functioning of the brain. In addition to CBD, cannabis contains THC, a chemical known for its pain-relieving properties. Short path distillation is often used to extract both CBD and THC from cannabis and enhance them. This post highlights the various benefits of cannabis.

1. Relieves chronic pain

Cannabis contains chemical compounds in their hundreds, with many of them being cannabinoids. The compounds are known to relieve chronic pain owing to their chemical make-up. That’s why medicinal cannabis, a by-product of cannabis, is commonly used in hospitals and at home to relieve chronic pain.

2. Improves lung capacity

Unlike cigarettes that can harm your lungs, cannabis smoking increases your lungs’ capacity.

3. Helps in weight loss

You’ll hardly ever find overweight avid cannabis users. Why? Because cannabis helps your body to regulate insulin. Moreover, it helps the body manage its caloric intake efficiently.

4. Regulates and prevents diabetes

By helping your body to regulate insulin, cannabis regulates and prevents diabetes as well. Cannabis will stabilize blood sugar and lower blood pressure. Also, it improves the body’s blood circulation.

Fights cancer

Fighting cancer is one of the most significant medical benefits of cannabis. Cannabinoids have been found to fight at least certain types of cancer, if not all of them.

Fights depression

Depression is a common condition today. Most people undergoing depression don’t even know it. The endocannabinoid compounds found in cannabis can stabilize moods and ease depression.

Helps people with autism

Cannabis calms users down and enables them to control their mood better. As such, it can help autistic children to control their moods and minimize mood swings.

8. Regulates seizures

CBD has been found to control seizures. This can help fight epilepsy.

9. Mends bones

Research has found that cannabis can help heal broken bones or quicken their healing process. During the process, cannabis strengthens the bones, making it harder for them to break again in the future.

10. Helps with ADD and ADHD

People with ADD and ADHD experience difficulties focussing on tasks at hand. Also, they have trouble with concentration and cognitive performance. Among other things, cannabis has been found to promote focus and help people with ADD and ADHD. Therefore, it’s a safe alternative to Ritalin and Adderall.

11. Treat glaucoma

People with glaucoma experience additional pressure on their eyeballs, which can be quite painful. Cannabis helps reduce this pressure and provides temporary relief.

12. Alleviates anxiety

Cannabis is commonly associated with anxiety. However, when you take it correctly and in monitored dosage, cannabis can calm its users down and alleviate anxiety.

13. Slows down Alzheimer’s disease

This is among the many diseases resulting from cognitive degeneration. Cognitive degeneration becomes almost inevitable as we age. Cannabis’ endocannabinoid has anti-inflammatory properties that help fight brain inflammation, which causes Alzheimer’s disease.

14. Relieves pain associated with arthritis

Cannabis is now one of the ingredients in balms and creams for people with arthritis. The CBD and THC compounds in cannabis help relieve pain.

15. Helps suppress PTSD symptoms

PTSD isn’t just a condition for veterans. It can affect anyone who has gone through trauma. Cannabis can help control the flight response and prevent it from getting into overdrive.

16. Relieves pain for people with multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis can get really painful. One experiences painful muscle contractions. Cannabis has been found to reduce this pain.

17. Reduces hepatitis C side effects and increases its treatment’s effectiveness

There are a number of side effects associated with the treatment for hepatitis C, including muscle aches, depression, fatigue, and nausea. For some hepatitis C sufferers, the effects can last for months. Cannabis is known to reduce these side effects, making the treatment more effective.

18. Treats inflammatory bowel diseases

People with ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease will find some relief from using cannabis. The CBD and THC in cannabis can enhance one’s immune response and interact with the cells that help the gut function. Also, cannabis blocks off bacteria alongside other disease-causing pathogens that may cause inflammation in the intestines.

19. Reduces Parkinson’s disease tremors

Cannabis can help people with Parkinson’s disease by reducing tremors and pain while promoting sleep. It also improves motor skills.

20. Helps with alcoholism

Cannabis has been proved to be much safer than alcohol. While nothing is 100 percent safe, cannabis can be a smart way to control alcoholism as it is a much safer substitute.

Bottom Line

The above are just some of the proven medical benefits of cannabis with many more still under review. This plant is undoubtedly a magical one and can leave a lasting impact on your health.

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