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Where To Buy Weed Seeds Online

Where To Buy Weed Seeds Online

Growing Cannabis takes time, effort and money so you want to ensure you start with good genetics or you could very well be wasting your time growing low quality cannabis,  hemp or even male plants.  Unfortunately there are allot of scammers online selling fake seeds labeled as something they are not. We have put together a list of seed providers below that we or friends of ours have used in the past 

Top 15 Genetics Companies

how much can I yield in grow tent genetics is key

Below I will list the top 15 genetic companies that I or my friends have personally used and had experience with. All the companies listed below have unique exotic genetics that will take your growing experience to the next level. I am not saying they are the 15 best genetic companies in the world as there are hundreds if not thousands of genetics companies out there but from my experience and what people and saying and posting online these 15 companies are some of the best on the market. I know there are cheaper mass produced genetics on the market as well but I do not like having the same thing as everyone else and I know when I pop my seeds they are going to be as advertised and high quality everytime. 

Regs and Fems
In House Genetics 
Thug pug genetics 
Symbiotic Genetics
Cannarado genetics
Lit Farms
Solfire Genetics 
Raw Genetics
Grobotnik Genetics 
Ripper Seeds
humboldt seeds
Exotic Genetics
Raw Genetics
Powered By Diesel Genetics

Auto Flowers
mephisto genetics
42 Fast Buds

Where To Buy Weed Seeds

Exotic More Rare High Quality Seeds

Heavily Connected Seed Bank
Platinum Seed Bank
True North Seed Bank
Neptune Seed Bank

Cheaper More Common But Still Good Seeds

Dutch Passion Seeds
Crop King Seeds
Royal Queen Seeds
Barney’s Farm
Sensi Seeds


If you are spending time and money on growing cannabis make sure its worth your while by growing good high quality genetics from the start. 

Much Respect & Happy Growing
Written By @NsRob

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