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TSW 2000 Mars Hydro LED Review

7 stars out of 10

TSW 2000 Mars Hydro LED Review
This is my personal review of the Mars Hydro TSW 2000. Before I get started with the review I will say the company Mars Hydro has come a long way from the budget brand they were years ago. I would not recommend all their products but some of the new lights they are making and selling are built to last, efficient, the price is competitive and they work well. The light I had ordered 8 months has already been updated/upgraded due to customer demands and would most likely get a higher score in the review but I am testing the model I received and that is the model with dimmers on the drivers that do not work, cheap no name drivers and no way to know the output your getting or to adjust it.


About Mars Hydro
About Mars Hydro

 Mars Hydro started out as the most popular budget grow supply company on Amazon and eBay and has taking the LED market by storm producing high quality affordable LED lights. Mars Hydro aims to provide affordable but high quality LED grow lights to growers around the world.  Mars Hydro is easy to find online taking part on most social media networks such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and a number of community cannabis forums. 


Ordering, Shipping And Packaging
tsw 2000 LED

Ordering Mars Hydro lights can be done either directly from their Mars Hydro Website or from amazon or EBay. I myself prefer to order from Amazon as I know everything is covered and I will get my light in 2-3 business days. After I ordered my light from amazon it showed up 3 days later and was packaged well so there was no damage to the light and everything showed up in working order. 

Customer Service
Mars Hydro review

Mars Hydro has out standing customer support being active on most social media platforms and having email and phone support it is not hard to get in touch with someone from Mars Hydro. When I first got my light and posted it to Instagram Mars reached out to me and asked me how I was liking the light. Mars Hydro is also active in a number of Facebook groups and community forums interacting with growers worldwide. 


Build Quality / Usage
Mars Hydro TSW 2000

The build quality of the Mars Hydro TSW 2000 for the most part was decent. The drivers that come with the light is another story.  The drives come with small rubber plugs to remove to turn up or dim the drivers. When I got the light and tested the dimmers they did not work and were fake dimmers.  So with that said what ever the light come set to is where it is stuck at now there is no way to know if it is at max power or if I am using at half power. The other change I would of made is the chance to mount the driver out side the tent off of the light as I found the light runs a bit hotter then most of the other lights I have. 


Why 7/10 Stars??

tsw 2000 led review

I was happy with the crop I was able to get from the Mars Hydro TSW 2000 but I was not happy with the cheap no name drivers that come with the light. I was not happy on how hot the light was running and I was not happy that the drivers needed to stay attached to the light it’s self. Sense purchasing the light they have sense upgraded the light to now have a stand alone dimmer but they still use the cheaper drivers  from what I can see but the light dose have a 3 year warranty.


First Crop With Mars Hydro TWS 2000

My first crop with the Mars Hydro TSW 2000 was decent. I grew all new strains testing genetics so in total there were 9 plants and each of them were different strains.  I did find the light gets a bit hot compared to some of the other lights I own but I did not have any issue maintaining the temps of the tent with a basic inline fan. The plants seemed to stack up really nice and had no issues putting weight on. Although I would not recommend this version of the light to anyone I would recommend the newer versions with the dimmers as well as the FC and the SP Line. 


Where To Buy Mars Hydro lights
Mars Hydro

Mars Hydro products can be purchased on Amazon, EBay, local grow stores, or directly from the website by clicking here –> https://www.mars-hydro.com/


Much Respect & Happy Growing
Written By @NsRob

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