Top 50 Cannabis Hashtags On Instagram

The top 50 cannabis hashtags are good to keep track of if you plan on running a successful cannabis related Instagram account. Using the most popular hashtags that are related to your content will help ensure your content is found easier and will also help to boost your following and likes. If your only making 1 post a day it might be a good idea to target a mix of the most popular hashtags along with a few hashtags that are growing but not as popular so your posts are not buried right away and they have a chance of being seen.

Do Not Get Shadow Banned With Hash Tags

Instagram dose not like when people use the same hash tags over and over again and they sometimes consider it spam. I have found from my experience if your only posting 1 or 2 photos a day you can get away with it but I have been shadow banned before for using the same hash tags twice in one day so you need to be careful. When Instagram shadow bans you they make it so your posts get hidden in your followers feeds  and they will not show up under the hash tags when your use them on your post or story. From my experience my shadow ban lasted 5 days but it can take up 14 days for your account to become fully functional again. Instagram has a limit on 30 hashtags per post but we recommend 10 to 15 hashtags per post as studies have shows this is the best way to get engagement with out looking like a spam. Using our list of hash tags you can rotate though a new set each post never needing to use the same  hash tag twice. 

Top 50 Cannabis Hashtags For 2020

Below you will find the top 50 cannabis related hashtags on Instagram. Each hashtag will be listed with the engagement beside it. #weed is crossed out as it is considered a banned keyword by Instagram. do not use it unless you want to be targeted for a shadow ban. 

#dank – 52M 
#420 – 39.2M
#weed – 22.4M
#cannabis – 22M
#cannabiscommunity – 17.3M
#marijuana – 16M
#highlife – 12.6M
#stoner – 12.2M
#weedporn – 11.1M
#thc – 11M
#kush – 10.3M
#cbd – 10M
#highsociety – 9.9M
#hightimes – 9.8M
#maryjane – 8.8M
#stoned – 6.3M
#cannabisculture – 6.1M
#growyourown – 5.2M
#weedstagram420 – 5.1M
#indica – 4.6M
#sativa – 4.6M
#shatter – 4.5M
#medicalmarijuana – 4.5M
#mmj – 4.4M
#stonernation – 4M

#smokeweedeveryday – 3.9M
#weshouldsmoke – 3.5M
#instaweed – 3.5M
#420life – 2.9M
#ganjagirls – 2.8M
#hash – 2.8M
#cbdoil – 2.6M
#pothead – 2.4M
#potheadsociety – 2.2M
#smokeweed – 2.2M
#weedlife – 1.8M
#legalizeit – 1.8M
#420girls – 1.7M
#weedmemes – 1.3M
#kusharmy – 1.2M
#weedsociety – 1.2M
#puffpuffpass – 1.2M
#medicalcannabis – 1.1M
#cannabiscures – 1M
#weedgirls – 958K
#cannabiscup – 940K
#cannabissociety – 935K
#weedmaps – 872k
#cbdlife – 867K
#cbdhealth – 788K


If you are running a cannabis related Instagram and you want to boost your followers and grow the engagement on your posts try to use 10 to 15 of the most popular cannabis hashtags listed above each time you make a post. Remember to always switch the hashtags up each post so you do not get shadow banned. 

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