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The Birth of CannaFuision Cuisine
The Birth of CannaFuision Cuisine

6 years ago l started using cannabis medically to treat my insomnia as well as my chronic migraines. I had been taking sleeping pills for my insomnia and a few different prescriptions including narcotics to help treat my migraines, all were marginally successful. Slowly l found with the use of cannabis l was sleeping better than l had in years!, without the use of prescription pharmaceuticals. My migraines had pretty much subsided, this was short of a miracle for me!

I had been smoking cannabis in the beginning but then decided to try infusing cannabis into some of my cooking and baking. I found after ingesting cannabis l was sleeping even better! I started to share some of my cannabis infused food with family and friend. Friends and some of my family were not only enjoying the taste of the food, they also were experiencing benefits. Better sleep and some, suffering from body pain found it was helping with that as well. I was pretty excited to hear this to say the least!

I had attended a a few underground supper club meals in Vancouver B.C a few years back. I loved the idea of going into someone’s home and enjoying a meal with either a planned group of friends or a group of strangers. None of the supper clubs l attended were cannabis infused, but the food was delicious and the company was great. I started to think about how cool it would be to try and get one going in Kelowna. It was then my husband suggested cooking with cannabis as a special bonus to my supper club! That was when Cannafusion Cuisine was born:)

The First Cannafusion Cuisine Dinner Party
The First Cannafusion Cuisine Dinner Party

August 27 2016 l hosted my very first CannaFusion Cuisine dinner party. My dinners are 6 courses, each course from starter to dessert is lightly infused.

The Last Party Menu
Cannafusion Cuisine Menu

I have done many different cuisines, German, Italian, Thai. Cannabis pairs so well along with the flavours of the food. Dinners are served family style with a serving size suggestion. Each serving has approx 2 mg of THC. Don’t worry there are usually sauces and extra ways to kick up the dosage if that’s your thing. All of the dinner parties l have hosted with my infused food, never has someone had a bad experience, even complete cannabis virgins!

Other Popular Menu Items
CannaFusion Cuisine Party CannaFusion Cuisine

I also offer TakeNgetBaked items. Chronic Lasagna, HalfBaked MacNcheese, 420 Pizza. Baked goods such as WackyTabacy cupcakes, to name a few. Holiday baking includes: BudTarts, HotBox Nanaimo Bars, PeaNug Cups, and Snapped Ginger Snaps.

My hopes for this blog is to share my dinner party experiences and to post cannabis infused recipes for everyone to try! Please stay tuned for my blog posts and remember # it’s notjustbrowniesanymore:)

Cannafision Cuisine 

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  1. I have tried a few of your awesome infused products and they were absolutely delicious and helped take my pain away. Keep up with your great product Cannafusion Cuisine 💚💚💚

  2. Iam one of the lucky ones to call this girl my friend. Every thing she cooks and every item she sells is well thought out and perfectly created.Her food is delicious and her baking is famous!!This is her passion, she loves creating dinners and Entertaining. I’m excited she gets to share her passion with this blog (:

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