Harvest Season Sales With Indoor Growing Canada


With the outdoor season in full swing harvest time is just around the corner. Trimming can be a long tedious job, but with the right tools you can make that job enjoyable and less time consuming. Indoor Growing Canada  just started their harvest season sales with up to 40% off on popular harvest tools used world wide.  No matter what the crop size Indoor Growing Canada has a solution for you from commercial trimmers to personal trimmers.

Biggest Sales To Take Advantage Of 


Indoor growing Canada Sales

Trimmer sales Indoor Growing Canada


The 4 trimmers listed above are all popular trimmers used world wide and all 4  I had the chance to use and had great results with.If I had to recommend 1 out of the group it would be the pro-cut machines as the price is right and they work amazing. The only difference between the p2x and the regular procut is the p2x is bigger and holds more material. Using the machine dose knock some tricomes off but they can be collected and made into hash or other extracts.  

Drying Screens & Racks
drying rack sales

When it come to harvest time even if your hanging your plants buds always tend to fall off when trimming or taking down your plants. The best way I found to dry loose buds on on a mesh drying screen. The screen allows the air to flow  around the buds helping them to dry even. I recommend turning or tossing your bud on the screens still daily. Indoor Growing Canada has a nice selection of drying racks and screens to use this harvest season.

Pruners On Sales
Harvest Season Sales With Indoor Growing Canada

Having a good pair of pruners can make your job trimming allot easier.  A good pair of pruners will not dull quick, will not gum up fast and will be comfortable when holding in your hand. Indoor Growing Canada has a wide range of pruners in stock to make your job easier. I recommend the fiskars pruners from experience they last and work the best.

Extraction Bag Sales 

You spent months growing and taking care of your plants why not get the most out of them. With extraction bags you can now dry and freeze your trim and make extracts with it. Turn your trim into bubble hash and have something to relax you in the nights. Indoor Growing Canada has a wide range of extraction bags for all budgets and crop sizes. Click the photo above to view their inventory.

Why Shop At Indoor Growing Canada?

Harvest Season Sales With Indoor Growing Canada

The are lot’s of good reasons to shop at Indoor Growing Canada but the main reasons are the variety of products they carry, the pricing of the products and the outstanding customer service.   Indoor Growing Canada will work with you to ensure you get exactly what you need and is happy to provide anyone with any details or instructions on how to use any of the products they carry.  Indoor growing will price match other companies to provide you the best deal possible and is a 1 stop shop for small or commercial growers.  Give them a try, prices can not be beat and shipping is fast.

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