0Super Cropping Cannabis Plants For Bigger Yields 

Super Cropping Cannabis Plants For Bigger Yields

Super cropping weed plants

Super cropping is considered to be a HST or high stress training method as your are required to damage the plant for the method to work. Even know super cropping is considered high stress training it causes the lowest stress to the plant out of all the high the stress training methods. Some growers have even argued that it should be considered as a LST or low stress training method as some plants can bounce back in as little as 24 hours.

What Is Super Cropping ?

Super cropping maritime grown

Super cropping is the training technique used to help increase yields where you pinch the stock of the plant and bend it in the desired direction to control the growth of the plant.  Super cropping can be used to control the height of the plant and can also be used to help with other training techniques like mainlining and the scrog method.

Why Super Crop Weed Plants ?

Super Cropping Weed Plants

Super Cropping is done for a number of reasons but the three most common reasons are to control growth of the plant and to help keep the canopy height even. The second reason is growers believe it helps to increase potency in the plant and the third is it helps to increase yields. Super cropping creates knuckles that some growers believe store extra nutrients helping the plant to thrive. Super cropping will allow you to achieve more tops and allow the lower growth to rise up and become one with the main canopy

Super Cropping Tools

easy super cropper

There are tools on the market that make super cropping easy with out the risk of cracking and splitting the stem. Once you get used to super cropping you can easily do it with your thumb and index finger but the easy super cropper makes the job easy and dose a perfect job every time. Check out my review on the easy super cropper here.

How To Super Crop Weed Plants ?

Maritime Grown Super Cropping

To Super crop your plants you need to grab the branch or stalk you want to Super crop and pinch with your thumb and index finger well slowly bending the plant in the direction you want. The trick is to squeeze the stems before bending then bend the plant. Do not panic if you hear a snap or pop that is normal if the stock is thick. If the skin on the stem splits you might need to tape it up so it heals properly. Using tie downs will help to keep branches positioned and using stakes will will provide extra support for the branches. Watch out that you do not break the branch in half it can easily happen.

 Step 1 Pinching the Stem Or Stalk

Super cropping weed plants

Step 1 is to gently pinch the stem with your thumb and index finger in the middle of the stalk. Try not to crack or split the stem or stalk when pinching the plant. If you do a pinching and bending technique at the same time I find this help to prevent from stem splitting.

Step 2 Well Pinching bend the plant

Super Cropping Cannabis

Step 2 is bending the plant in the desired direction. Most of the time you will be bending the  the branches outwards from the center of the plant.

Step 3 Use Tie Downs If Needed

LST Cannabis

Step 3 is to make sure your branches is secure. There is no worse feeling then walking into a grow room and seeing one of your branches laying on the floor because it snapped off from not being supported. When you super crop the plant needs time to heal and if pinched to much the branch risks snapping in half if not properly supported. Use stakes to tie your branches to or tie downs to keep branches from growing upwards to fast.

Step 3 Watch The Plants Bounce Back And Maintain

easy super cropper review

Step 3 is to wait for the plants to bounce back and continue training to maintain a even canopy. Most healthy plants will bounce back with in 24 hours. the plant in the photo above I super cropped and 16 hours later the branches were almost back to were they were before super cropping.

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