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Secret Jardin DS120 grow tent review

9.0 out of 10

Secret Jardin 2x4 grow tent review

Secret Jardin Has been around for while and I believe the company is based out of Belgium. I have always wanted to try their tents and now I have a chance. They offer unique tent packages in over 24 different sizes and are one of the first tent brands to include the trellis net setup for the SCROG method.  The biggest difference between the Secret Jardin tents and most of the other tents are they offer a 2 year warranty where most other tent brands have no warranty. Secret Jardin tents also come sealed and you need to cut and install your own ventilation vents and they have a zipper flap that covers any light leaks from the zipper.

Grow Tent Ordering & Shipping
Grow Tent Ordering & Shipping

As most of you may know if you follow any of our social media accounts we try to get most of our grow supplies through Indoor Growing Canada.  The main reason why we shop here is the out standing customer support, fast shipping, cheap prices and they have a huge stock of items. We have been working with Indoor Growing Canada for the past 2 months helping each other to grow in the online cannabis world and I am happy to recommend Indoor Growing Canada to any and all growers that is looking for a place to get grow gear online.  Ordering the tent was fast and easy and it showed up at my door 3 days later.

Grow Tent Setup & Install
Grow Tent Setup & Install

Compared to all the other tents I have had and setup over the years this was by far the longest tent to put together taking twice the time to put together then other brands. Well this can be a big factor for some people, it is what sets this tent apart from all the others and part of their high quality long lasting setups. The tent it’s self took me about 20 min to setup and get the net installed. Then I had to cut the vents into the tent in locations that I preferred. All in all it took close to 1 hour to fully setup the tent and have everything in place. Compared to some of the other tents that are ready to use in 15 minutes with vents pre installed it was more time consuming but we will talk below if the extra quality is worth it or not.

Quality Of Grow Tent
Secret Jardin grow tent Secret Jardin

The price of the grow tent is more expensive then most other brands but it also is one of the few grow tent brands with a warranty so that must say something about the quality. Compared to some brands I can buy 2 tents of the same size for the price of this one so right off the bat I am expecting noting but high quality all the way round. The canvas on the tent is 600d the same thickness on 90% of all the tents on the market. I was expecting it to be thicker for the price but the quality of the fabric dose seem to be higher quality and different then most. The tent comes with a zipper flap and although it is nice for blocking leaking light it makes the zipper catch up more often. I was very happy with the trellis netting that come with the tent and the stainless steel poles to put it together. I was not a big fan of having only 2 vents and needing to cut my own ventilation holes. Also being limited to one size vent or needing to spend money on reducers is another downfall. I like having the option of more vents and to be able to use them vents for pulling air from an outside room. All in all I was happy with tent but for the price the quality control can be better as I will mention below and can be seen if you click the photos above. 

Why 9.0 Stars?

This is the biggest reason why I am rating this tent 9 out of 10 and not 10 out 10. For the extra money you would think the quality control would be higher but that was not the case with my tent. I ended up with a tent with stitching leaking light and a hole in the front. Am I surprised? I have received other tents like this. Well yes I feel the tents should be tested prior to sale, if they were I would not have received one the way it was. When your paying double the money for something and it comes with less vents and vents you need to install yourself everything else better be perfect so the fact the stitching was falling out around the door and there was a hole in the door is unacceptable to me.  Now I could have easily contacted Indoor Growing Canada and they would of happily replaced the tent no issue at all and I imagine Secret Jardin would have done the same but I needed to use the tent then and there and could not spend more time waiting on a new one or sending it back as my plants were ready and all my other tents were full.  Other then the light leaks the zipper sticks sometimes on the flap but other then that then tent seems to be higher quality material then other tents meaning I can see it lasting longer and I really like the netting system it comes with. As far as the light leaks I will fix them with liquid electrical tape like I have in the past on the cheaper tents and is not a major issue but to me was enough to loose 1 star. 

Update After One Year
Secret Jardin grow tent review

I will come back to this review and do a updated review after 1 year to let everyone know how the tent is holding it and if there is any changes to the first time I made the review. When I do the 1 year update we will re post the blog again across social media.

Shop At Indoor Growing Canada
Harvest Season Sales With Indoor Growing Canada

With sales running weekly and fast shipping all across Canada Indoor Growing Canada has everything you need to start growing and are more then happy to answer any questions new growers or experienced may have. 


Overall for the money I am happy with the tent but I do think the quality control process can be improved. Overall I would purchase one of the Secret Jardin tents again if I had a scrog grow in mind. The quality of the tent is higher then most and the features the tent comes with makes it worth the money. I can not say anything about support as I did not reach out to them but they have several contact options available and are very active on social media.

Much Respect & Happy Growing
Written By @NsRob

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