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Nutri Plus PH Meter Review
Nutri Plus PH Meter

After owning the Nutri Plus PH Meter for a little over 1 year I figured it was time to do a review on this relatively inexpensive easily found PH Meter. Before getting started with the review I want to state that PH is very important when growing cannabis. Electronic PH meters run off batteries they will eventually die and there is also a possibility that the PH meter can stop working. For this reason I always recommend that all growers have a spare set of batteries and a spare PH test kit on hand. The test kit can also be used to compare against the electronic meter. .


Where To Buy & Price

I usually order most of my grow equipment online but this meter I purchased at a local grow store well it was still open for business. The cost of the meter with taxes with $35 and it comes with a nice little carrying kit and a screwdriver to adjust calibration. If your looking to purchase the Nutri Plus meter online you can have a search on Google or check out there website for a list of suppliers at nutri-plus.ca


Calibration Liquid Needed

When you purchase the meter it will need to be calibrated out of the box. To calibrate the meter you will need to purchase two different calibration solutions PH 4.0 and PH 7.0. I purchased both of these when I got the meter for $8 each bottle and they will a long time as the meter seems to hold it’s calibration very well only needing to be calibrated once a month.


How To Use PH Meter

I will put the instructions that come with the meter below but How I use the meter is take the cap off turn the meter on and dip it in to the water I am testing. Once I have the ph reading I dip the meter in a clean glass of water to clean and put the cap back on. The PH meter is very basic and easy to use. You need to watch out not to dip the meter past the water line as it is not waterproof and will short the meter out. I test the meter each week and it stays accurate for upwards of 1 month or more but I always calibrate once a month to make sure.


China Made PH Meter 

Before I get comments about this being a cheap meter I did my research so I want to bring it up. Most items you see for sale online the majority of them come from China wholesalers like Alibaba. I can name allot of grow tent companies and grow light companies that all have their products made through these suppliers. With that said I know this PH meter is one that comes from a Alibaba wholesaler. I also know anyone that wants to sell them with their company name on them can for a price but that dose not make it a bad PH meter.  For the price these meters work amazing just do not get confused with the meters that look similar but do not last as long and are not as accurate. 


Overall rating For Nutri Plus PH Meter

The overall rating for the nutri plus meter is 8/10. The reason we give this meter such a high rating is the meter is fairly priced, very easy to use and calibrate, and the meter dose not need not be calibrated often if used properly.  The meter has a water line and if you go past this there is a good chance you will short the meter out so you need to watch how far your inserting the PH meter into the water. No low battery indicator if you notice PH jumping around this could be a sign of the batteries going low. Easy to see PH readings, Screen is lit up so easy to see in low light.


PH Meter Instructions

1- Remove the protective cap.
2- Clean the electrode with distilled water and blot excess water.
3- Turn on the instrument with the switch located on the top of battery case.
4- Immerse the pH meter electrode in solution up to the immersion level.
NEVER immerse above display level.
5- Stir gently and wait for the reading to stabilize.
6- After use, switch off. Use the distilled water to clean the electrode and
replace the protective cap.


PH Meter Stats

0.00 ~ 14 pH
0.01 pH
± 0.1 pH
0°C ~ 50°C
0°C ~ 50°C
151 x 33 x 20 mm
53 g


PH Meter Calibration 

1- Immerse the electrode into nutri+ FloraSol pH7 calibration solution and gently shake the electrode.
2- Regulate the adjustment screw with screwdriver included until reading correspond to the solution value.
3- Clean the electrode with distilled water, then immerse into nutri+ FloraSol pH4 calibration solution.
4- Wait about 1 minute, until the reading correspond to the solution value



Just because it is cheap that don’t mean it is garbage. For one of the cheaper PH meters on the market I would purchase another one and I would  recommend them to a friend or fellow grower. The Nutri Plus PH meter is a very basic PH meter with no features other then being able to tell the PH but it works great and it easy to use. 

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