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Mars Hydro TSL 2000 REVIEW – Huge Yield!!

10 out of 10 stars

Mars Hydro TSL 2000 REVIEW
Mars Hydro tsl 2000 is the second Mars light I own. The first light I purchased was the Mars Hydro TSW 2000 and I was super happy with the crop from that light so now its time to review the TSL 2000.  The main differences between the two lights is the TSW is designed for a 4×4 grow area where the TSL is designed for a 2×4 grow area. The TSL also has a newer style dimmer to easily be able to dim the light down to grow plants in any grow stage.

About Mars Hydro
About Mars Hydro

Mars Hydro has been supplying affordable high quality efficient lights to the grow market for the past 10 years and has become one of the most popular go to brands for growers world wide. Mars Hydro is active on all major social media platforms and can often be seen engaging with their customers. Mars listens to its customers and releases new products every couple of months.

Ordering Mars Hydro Products
Mars Hydro

Ordering Mars hydro lights is easy now and days with them being for sale at most online and local grow stores across the world. Mars products can be purchased directly from the Mars Hydro Website or through Amazon or eBay if that is your preferred shopping place. 

TSL 2000 Build Quality & Usage

After getting the light and setting it up the very first thing I noticed that was different from the TSW I had purchased earlier was the new daisy chain system and the fact there was a dimmer nob now that worked. The build quality is similar to that of the tsw with the reflector and the led chips being the same. After owning the light now for more then 6 months I have no complaints from what I can tell they are built to last and produce huge yields with a fraction of the heat.

My Review & First Crop With TSL 2000

Right off the off there was a big difference between my New TSL 2000 and my old TSW as I was not able to dim the DSW so I could not put the plants under the light until they were 2 weeks into veg. The new TSW has the same new dimmer and daisy chain system as the TSL so luckily new buyers wont have the same problem I did and can use the light for all stages of growth. With that said I was able to use the new light right from the seedling stage onward and ended up with one of my biggest yields yet from only 4 plants. The light did not over heat the tent and the temps were manageable with just 2 4 inch ac infinity intake and outtake fans. Overall I was very happy with this light and rated it a 10 out of 10 because of the build quality, yield and quality of the product, and how happy the plants reacted to the light.

 First Crop With TSL 2000

Those that follow my Instagram know that at around week 5 of testing the new light I got the call my mother was diagnosed with cancer and by week 8 we were at the funeral putting her to rest. With in the last 4 weeks of the crop I turned the light down so I did not half to water as much and did not pay much attention to the crop and did not get any more photos of it finishing. Some how I still managed to pull just over 460 grams from the light of high quality Inhouse genetics Purple Punch. This was one of my all time biggest yields partly due to having good genetics and partly due to  having a good light. The flower you see above was hung up wet at 18 degrees C and 58% humidity for 12 days then cured in a bag for another 14 days.  I have popped some more seeds recently to give both MARS lights another go to follow the progress check me out on Instagram at @ns_rob I will be starting to post photos again by the second week in SEPT.

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