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Is CBD Oil Good for Motion Sickness?

Is CBD Oil Good for Motion Sickness?

Description: Have you ever felt sensation changes after a long journey by air, road, or sea? Well, this is what motion sickness is all about. The good news is that there is some evidence that CBD oil for motion sickness helps manage the condition.

Scientific researches explain that conflicting sense signals bring about motion sickness. The brain coordination of sensory signals relies heavily on the “sensory messages” from other sensory organs such as eyes, ears, and even muscles. Therefore, when each sensory organ sends conflicting signals to the brain, it results in poor counter interpretations.

Such explanations are fundamental in detecting the cause of motion sicknesses. The signs and symptoms of motion sickness include dizziness, cold sweating, loss of appetite, pale skin, and even excessive saliva production. Although everybody can experience the condition, pregnant women and children are more susceptible to the phenomenon.

Conventional Treatments for Motion Sickness

Although there are no exact treatment regimens for motion sickness, medical researchers recommend some potential drugs that would counter the symptoms. On the other hand, people who experience chronic motion sickness symptoms opt for over-the-counter drugs. Some standard conventional drugs for motion sickness include Dramione, Scopolamine, Cyclizine, and Meclizine, among others.

Despite the availability of these drugs, there are incidences of abuse and the emergence of other side effects that frustrate the treatment endeavors.

CBD and Motion Sickness Treatment

Medical scientists are working relentlessly to find the proper regimen(s) for motion sickness, probably one with no adverse side effects. In this journey, CBD has been subject to various researches and trials.

What is CBD? Well, it stands for cannabidiol – one of the most prominent active compounds found in different strains of medical cannabis. Apart from CBD, cannabis strains contain other active compounds such as THC, Terpenes, and many others that have potential effects on the body.

CBD oil benefits are the reason behind the proliferation of medical researches targeting different strains of cannabis, including Indica, Sativa, and hybrid. CBD oil is has proved to be useful in alleviating anxiety, combating seizures, tackling insomnia, reducing depression, and providing much-needed relaxation.

Is it safe and appropriate to use CBD oil for motion sickness? Fortunately, there are background trials that indicate the prospective benefits of the compound concerning alleviating motion sickness symptoms.

CBD Oil for Motion Sickness


What does CBD oil do? Scientific researches link the compound to the activation of certain Somatodendritic 5-HT(1A) receptors that reduce the production of chemicals that accelerate nausea. Also, CBD is ideal in regulating the production of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is responsible for sleep and relaxation.

In attempts to combat motion sicknesses, it is essential to consider integrating CBD oil with the best essential oils for energy, such as peppermint and many others. While mixing the compound with other essential oils, you should consider quantities and the frequency of taking these oil mixtures.

In this instance, CBD oil dosage and mechanisms to take CBD oil alongside other essential oils play fundamental roles in determining the efficiency of the treatment regimen. You should not take too little or too much since there are potential side effects that include severe headaches, drowsiness, racing heart, and the initiation of some allergic reactions.

What is the exact amount of CBD oil should you take at a given time? Unfortunately, there are no exact prescriptions about the exact CBD oil dosage. However, do not consider starting too low or too high. There are factors that you should remember when starting to take CBD compounds. Such factors include your age, presence/absence of any underlying condition(s), your body metabolism, among others.

Mechanisms for Taking CBD oil

There are many ways of how to take CBD oil. For instance, it is possible to take CBD oils through edibles, topical application (on-skin), vaporization, tincture, and topicals, alongside sublingual (under the tongue) application. The mentioned procedures vary depending on the amount that the body would assimilate and the time that the CBD oil would take to create the desired impacts in the body.

Due to this consideration, vaporization, topical application, and ingestion provide the best ways on how to use CBD oil for motion sickness. While using these methods, it is vital to consider what brings the best impacts to your body in combating motion sickness.

Final Thoughts

There are various progressive scientific researches geared toward ascertaining the effectiveness of CBD for motion sickness and its relevant effects. Therefore, the future may be bright in exploring possible regimens with fewer side effects. Was this article helpful? You may leave a comment or share your experience below.


Author’s Bio: Rae_H is a qualified clinician who specializes in finding alternative treatments for different ailments. She highly recommends that patients use CBD oil if they suffer from motion sickness. Although the research on the effects of CBD on the condition is minimal, the results are promising.

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