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We are now living in a world where a 10-year-old child is experiencing tension, stress and depression. Envision living life day after day in agony or discomfort due to an ongoing mental disease. Individuals suffer like this daily. Luckily, drug organizations are producing medications for everything now, which is a peculiar reality. We have a drug for sadness, and it may sound surprising, but scientists are working on a pill that might allow us to deal with loneliness. (reference: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/jan/26/pill-for-loneliness-psychology-science-medicine

However we should discuss some broad realities while putting some focus on the unfavorable impacts. Up to 20 percent of young Canadians are being affected by mental illness, anxiety, bipolar disorder depression and more.

If we think about the above facts, then you might wonder how things are being cured? Everything cannot be dealt with or cured with technology, so how can a simple pill could do wonders? The exciting fact is nature has its own way of healing things and humans. Talking about the bygone era (1600 A.D). Medical practitioners never relied on anything except nature. They studied herbs for years, and to date, the modern era is doing the same.

Similarly, psilocybin mushrooms are helping grown-ups to manage stress, anxiety, depression, and uneasiness.  It is presently broadly acknowledged in Canada as a characteristic spice to manage most issues like tension, gloom, OCD, and more. The micro dosage shows gradual progress and helps to cope with depression. While the macro dosage is rapid yet gives a lightheaded feel. In both cases, the mushroom is assisting many people lately.

MycoLabs has been interested and active in mycology for 36 years collectively and is waiting to help make your day easier. They specialize in therapeutic mushrooms to help with day to day mental illnesses.

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“Mental health is an issue; we won’t be alive if we don’t get it right.”
MycoLabs Micro Dose

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