Happy 420 To Anyone & Everyone 2019
happy 420

It is that time again, the 20th day on the 4th month of each year where we celebrate the cannabis culture & community. Rather your gathering with friends, family or strangers or even staying home, one thing everyone will be doing at 4:20 pm will be lighting up. As cannabis becomes legalized all over the world these gatherings are growing bigger and bigger each year. With thousands of events, giveaways, product releases and more there is something for all cannabis lovers on 420.

420’s History
420 history

Did you know 420 was first started in 1971 by 5 high schoolers with a plan to steal an abandoned crop and meet at the desired location at 4:20 to smoke the cannabis. These high schoolers eventually continued to meet at 4:20 and smoke their cannabis after school. Hightimes picked up on the story and it started to spread worldwide where 4:20 pm was known as the socially accepted hour to smoke cannabis. almost 5 decades later here we are still celebrating 420 but on a global scale.

Happy 420 From Maritime Grown & NsRob


Happy 420 to all of our members and guests, we hope you have a wonderful day and we appreciate the support we get from each and every one of you. Stay blessed, stay high and stay happy today.

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Much Respect @NsRob

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