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Fimming Cannabis Plants High Stress Training Guide

Fimming Cannabis

Fimming cannabis is considered a HST or high stress training technique and is similar to topping cannabis as you need to cut or damage the plant to promote growth to the lower nodes. Fim is short for “Fuck I Missed”  and was said to be a training method developed from a grower topping his plant and making the cut to high and after noticed 4 new tops forming. Fimming is often used by growers to increase yields and make the plants more manageable in a small grow area. Depending on your plant after fimming you can end up with 2, 3, 4 or more tops

Difference between topping and fimming

Fimming Cannabis Plants High Stress Training Guide

Fimming is very similar to topping but not as stressful to the plant. The difference is instead of cutting the stem between the internodes, you cut or pinch right through the vegetative material at the growing tip of your plant. Topping will create 2 new tops where fimming will create 3 or 4 new tops if done properly.  Topping requires you to cut the stock of the plant where fimming requires you to pinch or cut the new growth of the plant.

When To Fim Weed Plants

Counting Cannabis Nodes

Fimming is a type of high stress training, so for this reason we recommend you wait until your plant has 4-5 nodes before doing any damage to the plant. This will give the plant a chance to build a healthy root system to help prevent stunted growth during training. Even know Fimming is not as stressful on the plant as topping you want a healthy root base before starting any training exercises.

How To Fim Weed Plants
Fimming marijuana plants

Fimming can be a tricky process to master as results seem to very depending on the plant and where you made your pinch or cut. It is a hit or miss game and you can end up with 3 or 4 tops sometimes more sometimes less.  I myself use the topping method with a combination of mainlining and Low stress training but fimming is popular among growers worldwide.

Step 1 Decide Pinch or Cut
fimming cannabis

The first step is decide if your going to make a pinch or make a cut. I find using a sharp pair of Fiskars snips work the best as pinching the results can be random. Some growers perfected the pinching method and swear by it but I have personally tried both methods and find using a pair of pruning snips to have the best results.

Step 2 Make The Pinch or Cut

Fimming Cannabis Plants

Once your ready to make the cut or pinch make sure your snips are clean and sanitized and if your using your hands to pinch the plant make sure you wash them first to remove any bad bacteria. There is not much to the fimming training method other then that. Once you have made you cut or pinch let the plant recover and repeat or maintain. Do not worry if the leaves where you pinched or cut grow back deformed this is normal.

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