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DIY trellis netting setup for grow tent
DIY trellis netting setup for grow tent

DIY Trellis net is a good tool to have around the grow room. Growers use trellis netting most often with the SCROG Method to get bigger yields out of their grow tents. Using the SCROG method combined with the Lollipopping Method  eliminates the popcorn buds or smaller buds from the plant and focuses all the energy to the top buds of the plant so come harvest time your left with only bigger buds. Trellis netting is a good way of supporting your heavy branches and tops from breaking or snapping under their own weight. With a bit of plant training trellis netting can also help to keep the canopy even and light evenly distributed.

Equipment Needed To Build Trellis Net Setup
DIY trellis netting DIY trellis net for grow tent

To build your DIY trellis netting your going to need to gather some supplies from your local hardware store. I purchased all my supplies from my local hardware store Canadian Tire as I am in Canada but I have checked with the Home Depo in the USA and they have the same supplies.  When at the store search around. I did not go with a item list I had a idea of what I wanted to build and I went and looked for items on sale or that was priced fair. PVC is to expensive so I went with 1/2 inch CPVC as 10 foot lengths were only $4.00 compared to PVC that was $22.00 for a 10 foot length. I built my netting for a 2×2 tent so I needed 1 piece of CPVC. If your building for a 4×4 or 5×5 tent you will need to pick up 2 10 foot lengths or 4 of the 5 foot lengths.

1. CPVC piping 1/2 inch to make frame
2. rope or thick string to make netting
3. 4 CPVC 90 degree corners. I used 1/2 inch copper corners as they were on sale for 53 cents each
4. Any type of glue to glue the frame together.
5. eye hooks to screw into frame to tie rope to
6 something to cut the CPVC. I used a pocket knife with a saw blade on it.
7. something to start the holes for eye hooks I use exacto knife.

Instructions for Building Trellis Net Setup

Step 1 Take Measurements
diy trellis net

First, take a measurement of your tent to see how long you need to cut your CPVC for the frame. I took a measurement in between the the poles of the tent and then took 1/2 off for each end for the corner fitting. So as you can see in the photo in between the poles was 57 inches so I cut my poles to 56 inches taking 1/2 inch off on either end for the corner fitting. Make sure you measure each side and measure twice and cut once.

Step 2 Make Cuts For Frame
how to make trellis net for grow tent

After you have your measurements cut your poles to length. I designed this one to go inside the front and back poles and outside of the sides so that is why my lengths are uneven in the photo above.

Step 3 Test Fit & Install Eye Hooks
best grow tent trellis net

Now it is time to put the frame together and test it to make sure it fits in you tent how you like. Don’t glue the frame at this point as it is easier to install the eye hooks not glued. Once you are happy with the fit then you can mark your locations for your eye hooks with the frame still together. I spaced my hooks 4 inches apart and I started the holes with a excto knife so it was easier to install the eye hooks. Being that the eye hooks are so small my fingers started to get sore after putting in about 6 of them so I grabbed a pair of pliers to hold them and that made things allot easier.

Step 4 Glue Frame Together
diy trellis net

Once the eye hooks are installed it is time to glue the frame together. It will make it easier to install the rope or string when the frame is dry and secure.  I used crazy glue that I found in the drawer in the kitchen but almost any glue will do in the situation. If the corner fittings are really tight you can even choose to skip the gluing process.

Step 5 Make & Install Trellis Netting
homemade trellis net

Once your frame is dry its time to create the trellis net. Start by backing out the eye hooks 3/4 of the ways. This will help for when your finished tying each side you can tighten up the eye hooks to make the trellis net tight. Do not tighten the eye hooks to much or they will start to bend the frame loosing up the other ropes. Once you have all the eye hooks completed your new trellis net is ready to be installed into your grow tent.

Step 6 Check Squares & Install in Grow Tent
DIY trellis netting

Check your squares if your string or rope is tight enough they will stay in place when plants lean on them. If you find the squares spreading apart you can use bag ties to tie the corners, use a small piece of string and tie a knot in each corner or put a dab of glue in the corners of each square to stop them from spreading. The trellis net frame can be installed using clips that can be ordered in from amazon but I had some zip ties at the house so I just installed mine using 1 zip tie on each corner and it works just fine. At the end of crop I remove to clean and replace zip ties.


I know I could have ordered a trellis net for under 20 bucks but it was the weekend and I wanted a trellis net right then and there so I come up with the idea to build one. For under $20 I am glad I did decide to build my own as it is much better then the trellis nets you order with out the frame.

Much Respect & Happy Growing
Written By @NsRob

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  1. cool ,thanks for the plants ,i will trellis some fire dank soon enough ,all outdoor for now until i can get my own place which hasnt happened yet im a slacker

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