DIY Grow Tent Dual Window Vent

One of the questions that I continue to get asked on Instagram is where can you buy a dual 4 or 6 inch window vent to vent the intake and outtake fans for the grow room or grow tent. I have searched online and found dual window vents to be a hard items to find. they were usually sold out everywhere or were overpriced at $150 or above.  This is where I got the idea to create a DIY window vent for under $50 that not only looks professional but works just as good if not better then the window vents you would order online and everything can be purchased at your local hardware store.

custom 4 inch window vent

Window Vent Material List

I am located in Canada so I purchased all my supplies from our local Home Depot store for under $50 but these items can be found at most hardware stores across the world. You should all ready have your intake and outtake fans and your 4 or 6 inch ducting. I am not sponsored but if your yet to purchase your intake or outtake fans I recommend acinfinity fans from experience. For ducting the best place for the price would be from your local hardware store as your local grow store will charge more.

  1. Pick up two dryer vents either 4 inch or 6 inch depending on fan size. $11 each
  2. Pick up a piece of white corrugated plastic comes in sheets but they sell it in 24×48 perfact for most window sizes.  $19
  3. new exacto knife or box knife $3
  4.  roll of tape $2

homemade intake window vent

Window Vent Instructions Step 1 & 2

Step 1
  Measure the width of plastic casing on the dryer vent and write it down.  I was using 4 inch vents for this blog so in my case the width of the plastic casing was 6 inches.

Step 2
Measure the height of your window from the lowest point in your window frame to your highest point .

Window Vent Instructions Step 3 & 4

diy window vent for grow room

Step 3
Cut the plastic to the height of your window frame  from its highest and lowest point you want it to fit nice and tight.

Step 4
Add 4 inches to the width of your dryer vent casing and cut the plastic to that width. For example the width of my casing was 6 inches so the width when you add 4 would be 10 inches  this leaves 2 inches on either side of the plastic for strength when in the window.

homemade growtent vent

Window Vent Instructions Step 5 & 6

Step 5
Pop the cover of your dryer vent off the and disconnect the ducting.

Step 6
Use the dryer vent casing as a template and mark your holes on the plastic and cut out your holes.

diy cannabis grow gearair intake window vent

Window Vent Instructions Step 7 & 8

Step 7
put your dryer casing back together and slide it through the holes you just made in the plastic window cover.

Step 8
There will be some small holes left in the ducting you will need to tape these up for the most efficient air flow.

dual 4 inch window ventdiy dual window ventDIY grow tent window vent

Window Vent Instructions Last Steps

Finally once you have your dual window vent together you can put some screws in the corners where the holes are to hold the vents to the plastic then you can put the window vent in the window and close the window against it.  The attach your ducting with hose clamps, tape or both and you have your self a nice looking dual window vent for under $50.


You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a window vent. you do not need to use the exact supplies I did but this will give you a quick Idea on how to make a window vent for a fraction of the price it costs to order one in.

Much Respect @NsRob

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