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Devil Press DS 2000 Rosin Press Review

10/10 Devil Press Rating

Devil Press DS 2000 Rosin Press Review

I was lucky enough to win the Devil Press DS2000 Rosin press Machine, Rosin bags, An electric E-nial, swag pack, and Rosin bag pre press from a Instagram giveaway just before Christmas. I have had the chance to use the press now several times and I am ready to do a complete review of my thoughts on the press. Now before we get started I will say this is the first and only press I have ever used but not having any experience I was able to use this no problem and get great results. I will do a review on the E-nail in the future when i get more use with it.

Devil Press Customer Service
Devil Press Customer Service

After winning the giveaway I reached out to Devil Press and they were fast to respond providing me with a tracking number for my package and letting me know to contact them with any questions. After getting my package in the mail they included a nice high quality sweater, hat and mask a great combo for the cold Canadian winter.  Never using a press before I reached out to Devil Press again to find out the best temp to press and they provided me with allot of helpful info as well as links to YouTube videos of other customers using the Devil press. Overall I would rate the customer service a 10/10

Shipping, Tracking & Unboxing 
Devil Press ds2000 shipping

I was expecting shipping to take a while considering the package was coming from the UK to Canada but I received the package in around 1 week. Everything was packaged very well and nothing arrive damaged so 2 thumbs up for shipping and packaging. Check out the unboxing video here. 

Quality of Devil press Ds2000 Rosin Press 
Quality of Devil press Ds2000 Rosin Press 

The first time I seen the handle for the press I was a little worried I was going to break it off but after both me and my friend putting all our weight on it time after time I realized this press was built to last. This press is super easy to use just turn it on set the temp you want the plates at and let it warm up. Once it is at the desired temp start pressing away. I would give the build quality a 10/10

Quality of Devil Press Rosin Bags
Quality of Devil Press Rosin Bags Devil Press Rosin Bags

After telling friends I won the press they were telling me to make sure I got good rosin bags because blow outs were common when rosin pressing if the bags are cheap. I looked online to see what I could do to prevent this and when the press arrived it come with it’s own devil press rosin bags. I started off only half packing the bags. Now that I have used the press a number of times I have packed as much material I can get into a bag and still did not suffer any blow outs so the quality of the Devil press rosin bags are as good as it gets and would highly recommend them.

Devil Press DS2000 in Action
Devil Press DS2000 Rosin Maker Devil Press DS2000

I have used the Devil Press to press some Keif, Trim, and bud as well as used it to press kief into hash bricks using the rosin bag press. The machine is easy to use, and is small and compact so it is easy to store away or to transport if needed. I never had any problems with the press and it did exactly what I needed it to do when using it so I would rate the press a 10/10.

Where To Buy Devil Press Products
Buy Devil press

To buy devil press products click the image above or visit this link https://www.devilpress.co.uk/

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