CBD Oil For Diabetes: Dosage & Research
CBD Oil For Diabetes: Dosage & Research

Description: Diabetes is a devastating disease that some people have to deal with every day. Some have to keep jabbing themselves insulin while others always need to have a sugary treat unless they die. CBD for diabetes could come to the rescue. How? Let’s find out.

Due to lifestyle changes, diabetes has become more prevalent in all age groups. Convectional medication is both expensive and not readily available. However, with the rise of CBD usage, you may wonder what does CBD do for diabetes?

However, further research is currently underway to substantiate the effects of cannabidiol on diabetes.

But first, let’s understand how diabetes occurs.

What Causes Diabetes?

Diabetes presents itself in the body in two primary forms – type 1 and type 2. The causes of diabetes mellitus type 1 are most often caused by such autoimmune processes that in those who produce antibodies against their own cells, the amount of insulin decreases until the full assignment of hormone production. This is due to the presence of the following diseases – glomerulonephritis, autoimmune thyroiditis, lupus.

According to the results of many doctors, the closest probable factor influencing the areas of diabetes development is a viral infection, often after mumps (mumps), infectious mononucleosis, rubella, or acute or chronic viral hepatitis, the patient is diagnosed with diabetes.

In type 2 diabetes, neither autoimmune diseases nor viral infections are the causes of its development.

Frequent overeating, overweight, recovery – this is the main cause of other types of diabetes. Adipose tissue receptors, in contrast to muscle, have a reduced sensitivity to insulin, so its excess is determined by elevated blood glucose levels.

The worst part about diabetes is the complications it causes to the body. Some of them are blindness, fatigue, frequent thirst, weight changes, and loss of limbs. Keep in mind that these five symptoms have barely scratched the surface.

What Research says CBD can Help with Diabetes

We will look at two cases under the confirmed and unconfirmed studies to see if CBD products from CBD Centrals can help.

Confirmed studies on CBD for diabetes
Confirmed studies on CBD for diabetes

CBD Can help with inflammation

Most complications that arise for diabetes root from the nerves, blood vessels, and muscle tissue inflammation. CBD can help with this as it offsets the inflammation by speeding up the healing process. The pressure of the inflamed vessels is reduced, consequently saving the vessel itself and the neighboring body tissues.

CBD can help to subside the pain

How is CBD good for diabetes as a pain reliever? CBD is known for its potent pain-killing effect that helps numb the pain caused by diabetes effects.

Unconfirmed Research

CBD can help regulate blood sugar

As much as there is a theoretical belief that CBD may help regulate blood glucose, there is very little evidence to back this up. There is no record showing that it may work, though the idea is still valid.

CBD has a positive impact on good cholesterol

One study took a look at how does CBD works for diabetes type 2 and found out that it had a minimal effect on HDL, the right kind of body cholesterol level.  On that same note, it looked into enhancing the body’s sensitivity to insulin and the modulating of appetite as plausible effects. In as much as theory supports these claims, more research is needed.

How to Take CBD Oil for Diabetes
How to Take CBD Oil for Diabetes

There are various ways you can take CBD oil for diabetes, like smoking, vaping, ingesting, and topical application. Depending on the complication you are to sort, each has a part to play. For instance, topical creams and oils are applied directly to the painful joints and massaged gently to ease the pain and bring down the swellings.

External uses of CBD are usually immediate but the ones ingested take a while to be effective and may need more than one dosage to work. CBD pills for diabetes and CBD water for diabetes are some of the things that may require frequent usage to be effective.

What Dosage is safe?

The dosage varies depending on what you are using and the reason. The best person to gauge this is your physician with knowledge of the extent of your condition and CBD itself. All in all, you are still advised to start with small doses and buy the products from a trusted seller.

Final Thoughts

Despite the effectiveness of CBD oil for diabetes being under review, there is reliable evidence from users who attest that it works for blood sugar. Therefore, it’s okay to use CBD for diabetes under strict guidance from your doctor.

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Author’s Bio: Rachel H. is a CBD expert who has worked with diabetic patients who frequently ask her to recommend the best product for their condition. Rachel also has type 2 diabetes, and she can attest that CBD has improved her situation significantly.

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