Canada’s Cannabis Strains

 Canada’s Cannabis Strain Directory 

Each day we will document a new cannabis strain and add it to our strain directory. All cannabis strains tested will be strains found with in Canada. Some strains will be grown by myself, some will be purchased and some will be   gifted/donated for us to test.

If you would like to donate some bud for us to document(Minimum 2 gram sample) contact us on Instagram or by using the contact form on the site and we will get back to you with in 24 hours. Anyone who contributes will be listed as the grower on the strain page and will have a link to their Instagram to show off their work unless you choose to remain anonymous.

Indica Strain Growth Style

1. Usually Dark Green 

2. Plants are shorter and more dense

3. Short wide fan leaves 

Indica Strain Smoke Style

1. True In Da Couch Feeliing (Body Stoned)

2. Great for pain & Muscle Spasms 

3. Great smoke for the night

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Sativa Strains Growth Style

1. Usually light Green

2. Plants are taller and thiner

3. Long narrow fan leaves

Sativa Strains Smoke Style

1. creative tendencies, artistic and energetic

2. Great for depression and ADD

3. Great smoke for the day

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Hybrid Strains Growth Style

1. Can be  light or dark Green

2. Can be short, bushy tall or thin

3. High yielding plants 

Hybrid Strains Smoke Style

1. reducing anxiety and stress

2. Hybrids usually have highe thc %

3. Can be good for day or night time use

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