Cannabis Strain info

Indica cannabis strain info

Indica Growth Style

Plants are shorter and more dense
Short wide fan leaves
Usually Dark Green

Indica Smoke Style

True In Da Couch Feeliing (Body Stoned)
Great for pain & Muscle Spasms
Great smoke for the night

Sativa Cannabis Strain Info

Sativa Growth Style

Plants are taller and thiner
Long narrow fan leaves
Usually light Green

Sativa Smoke Style

Creative tendencies, artistic and energetic
Great for depression and ADD
Great smoke for the day

Hybrid Cannabis Strain Info

Hybrid Growth Style

Can be short, bushy tall or thin
Can be  light or dark Green
High yielding plants

Hybrid Smoke Style

Can be good for day or night time use
Hybrids usually have higher THC %
Reducing anxiety and stress

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