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NYGC Desserts: Scrumptious Strains

I am currently setting up for my first grow in the 4x4. My game plan is to start the seeds off in the 2x2 and transition all plants to the 4x4. Once well established I will split the tent in half to compare the strains and how they react to different organic/sustainable nutrients. I am mixing my soil amendments differently this grow. I plan on SCROG the 4x4.

I plan on dropping: 2 OKC, 2 Tropical Runts, and 1 Zkittlez. (Crescendo 2)

Tent: MarsHydro 4x4                                                                                MarsHydro 2x2

Lighting: (2) MarsHydro TSL-2000                                                       MarsHydro TS-600

Ventilation: AC Infinity Cloudline T6                                                    Stock Vent

Filter: 6in Carbon Filter                                                                             4in Carbon Filter

Nutes: Nectar for the Gods / Roots Organic

Water: Hand watering using tap water

Growing Medium: Super soil-like Concoction

Training Technique: Mainline, Topping & SCROG

thanks for sharing them are some fire strains your growing. I also do something similar by starting my plants in a 2x2 and moving them over. I also did a scrog grow in a 2x2 and ended up with over a qurter pound of bud not to bad for a small grow. 

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