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What’s up everyone! I’m curious to see what nutes people like to use. I’m currently using General Hydroponics 3 part with cal-mag. Growing in VPW 420 soil.

I was thinking of switching things up and just wanted to see recommendations for other products. So far I think I want to try out Remo next. I’ve heard/seen amazing things with Remo Nutrients!

I started with general hydroponics about 12 years ago then made the switch to Advanced nutrients after about 4 years using GH and used Advanced for about 4 years then I made the switch to Remo as it is almost half the price and heard people getting bigger yields and healthier plants.  Also being that I am from Canada and Remo Nutrients is Canadian I like to support local when I can. You wont regret making the switch to Remo I am still just as happy with their products. 

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Awesome! Thanks for the input! I’ll be making the switch as soon as these bottles I currently have empty. I feel the same. I’ll support local wherever I can 👌

I'm still using advanced nutrients. My buddy rob has almost has me convinced to finally try REMO tho... 

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