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My home grown Purple God

So I gave in and decided to dabble into my Purple God a little. The temptations were too much 😂 Currently at 1 month of cure to the day and WOW... I must say, I’m proud of myself considering this was my first ever grow. Hits are smooth, taste is amazing, and the effects are incredible. What’s everyone else smoking on?


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Ns_Rob, rollinsweetz207 and TheHeavyDuty have reacted to this post.

That looks like the dank!! Awesome work!!!

evablazn9420 has reacted to this post.

Thanks! I’m really happy with it!

nice job with her man looking like some serious fire.... That is a nice cure to bring the terps out  I usually hang for 10 days and cure for 2 to 3 weeks depending on the strain. 

Thanks bro! My goal was 2 months but that never happened 😂 I save the best looking buds for last though so by the time I get to those it will be long past 2 months so I figured, why not lol

Ns_Rob has reacted to this post.

Now that turned out really good didn't it.. good work!

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