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First Ever Auto Run!

What’s up everyone! I’ve decided to try out autos for the first time and thought it would be fun to post my progress. So far, my two lovely ladies are only 7 days old! Still got lots of time to go! I am running an AK x Critical Mass auto by canuk seeds, and a Auto White Russian by divine seeds (I actually won those seeds here ☺️)

Here is what their first feeding and environment  looks like...

pH - 6.3

ppm - 270

temp - 22 Degrees Celsius 

Humidity - 55%

Light:💡220W V1 Brilliant Grow currently dimmed to 50% and 18” above canopy💡@brilliantgrowcompany

Seeds: 🌱Auto White Russian by @divine.seeds , AK x Critical Mass Auto by @canukseeds 🌱

Tent: ⛺️ 2x4 ⛺️ @bloomgrow.official

Nutes: 💦 3 Part Flora Micro, Gro, Bloom ~ Cal-Mag 💦 @generalhydroponics @botanicare

Meters: 🌡 Bluelab Conductivity Pen ~ Bluelab pH Pen 🌡 

Exhaust: 🌬 4” in-line fan/carbon filter 🌬 @iobionics

Climate control: 🌤 Inkbird 608T Humidity/Temperature controller ~ Inkbird Reptile Fogger humidifier ~ Space heater🌤 


ive gone ahead and gave them their first feeding. Although I felt it was a little early still, after doing some research online with autos and the nutes I’m running, I’ve seen a lot of people feeding this early so I figured I would give it a shot. I fed them 2 days ago and they responded extremely well! 😅🙏

I will continue to post as these ladies grow and can’t wait to be posting some nice looking buds!


happy growing everyone!

Instagram - @evablazn9420

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this is one grow I am very curious about please keep us updated I have no room yet to try the divine autos but looking forward to giving them a go myself . 

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I will definitely keep updating 👌 I wish I would have gone with my gut feeling and waited on their first feeding as they did respond well at first but went about a day or so not looking too happy. But they are looking a lot better now. And when I say “not happy”, they weren’t that bad, I’ve seen much worse lol. I’m just fussy 😂

This was totally an error on my part and I also think I gave a bit too much water. I noticed the mistake immediately and have rectified it by letting that soil dry out a bit and then giving them plain water pH at 6.1. Like I said, totally an error on my part, but what do you expect, my last grow finished a few months ago and that was my first grow ever 🤷‍♂️

here’s a pic of the not so happy girls. I’ll keep everyone updated!

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shit happens so far so good though looking healthy and nice tight node spacing starting out.  What size pots are you going to grow them in? 

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I was told To use minimum 5 gal pots. All I had were 10 gal pots so I went with those lol. Just have to be careful on the watering

That is what I was going to reccomend I grow all my autos indoors in 5 gallon pots but 10 will work fine just like you said do not over water and you will be fine.

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Hey! Sorry I haven’t posted for a bit! Here is an update on my White Russian Autoflower. So far, I am extremely impressed with this girl! She is currently 28 days old and has just started he preflight. She’s got between 10-12 tops on her and all I did was some lst. I am shocked everyday when I open my tent and see her progress. Here’s some pics of her I too today (28 days old)

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