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Hey everyone! I’m thinking of running a DWC in one of my tents and have no clue where to start. I want to compare the difference between DWC and soil. Any recommendations on any kits or links to cheap and easy diy tutorials?


thanks in advance!

Ive ran this bucket system it happens to be on sale right now There is a green kit you can get called floralflex I see allot of people using I am curious to giving it a try eventually.  I know with DWC it is easy to make mistake with water temps getting to hot etc but I see great success from the setups. 

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Fair enough! I heard the same thing, that it is less forgiving. I’m going to get a couple more grows under my belt before making the attempt, but it’s a challenge I definitely plan on giving a go. Thanks for that link too! Now I’ve got a rough idea of what to expect when I get there!

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so DWC using the scrogg tech can give you some incredible yeilds... DWC is far less forgiving when making mistakes and when a mistake is made you can very well lose the entire crop... I've wanted to go DWC but I feel I'm not good enough of a grower to do it yet..

I would try to get a system with a rez that will pump the water/food to a sprayer, which sprays the roots.. then drains back into a rez. The only problem I feel is that the system upkeep is a bit more than other systems because you really want to make sure you keep everything really clean.

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