Cannabis Could Help Block The Coronavirus Infection

Cannabis Could Help Block The Coronavirus Infection

With Cannabis becoming legalized throughout Canada over the past year this helps universities to take testing to new levels giving them access to hundreds if not thousands of new strains to put to the test in the coming years. Recently researchers at the University of Lethbridge have been studying how effective cannabis is in preventing the Coronavirus.

Researchers tested 400+ cannabis strains and narrowed them down to just 12 strains that had promising results in fighting  the the COVID-19 virus. A number of these strains have reduced the number of virus receptors by up to 73% therefore making the risk of catching COVID-19 much lower.  The more they can reduce the receptors the less of a chance there will be of getting infected.

“It is not known yet what the active ingredient is that blocks the receptors  but there may be many” said Kovalchuk.  The focus has been on Sativa strains that are high in CBD,  generally it has been the anti inflammatory properties of the high CBD cannabis that has shown the most promise. The goal is to focus on CBD doses where people can take higher doses and not be impaired.

If successful you could see cannabis products in the medical form of Mouth Wash, Inhalants, lozenges, or gel caps all to be taken orally and could help to prevent the virus. It would be cheaper and have allot less side effects says Kovalchuk.

University of Lethbridge researcher Igor Kovalchuk says funding from an increasingly cash-strapped cannabis industry isn’t there to fuel research and testing that is currently needed. “We have clinicians who are willing to work with us but for a lot of companies in the cannabis business, it’s significant cash that they can’t afford”


Well it is not cure for the coronavirus or COVID-19 we now know high in CBD doses may help to prevent you from being infected. This is great news for the cannabis community, as new cures and medical properties are researched and made public cannabis will continue to be widely accepted world wide. With that said and the lack of funding mentioned by the researcher you might be waiting for a while before you see  a CBD COVID-19 mouth wash any time soon.

University of Lethbridge COVID-19 Cannabis Research Source 

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