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Brilliant Grow V1 LED Final Grow Review With Platinum Gorilla

10 out of 10 stars

Brilliant grow led Platinum Gorilla

After finishing a full veg and grow from seed it is time to do a full review of the Brilliant grow v1 110 watt grow light and lets just say for 110 watts at the wall I was very happy with the outcome. As you can see from the photo above the Platinum gorilla from Inhouse genetics was very happy under the 110 watt light.  Continue reading below to see how the light preformed throughout the stages of growth. 


Ordering, shipping and customer service

To see more on the unboxing of this light, ordering process, setup, and company customer service please check out our first review we done months ago with our first initial thoughts when we received the light located here https://maritimegrown.com/brilliant-grow-light-v1-110w-review/

Seedling Stage with brilliant v1 110w
Brilliant Grow Light

One of the benefits of the Brilliant grow v1 1110w light is it comes with a dimmer that allows you to dim the light right down to 10% to allow for all stages of plant growth. I started 2 seeds under this light and with in 48 hours they were reaching for the moon. After seeing the third node I started to increase the light intensity on the plants. After only 14 days in the cups I was ready to top and transplant into a bigger container with the plants growing nice and fast and healthy. I had no issues with the seedling stage and the plants really seemed to love the light. I would give the light a 10/10 for the seedling stage.

Veg Stage with brilliant grow v1 110w
Brilliant grow light review

During the veg stage the plants started to really take off and I had to move one of them to another tent and only ended up growing 1 plant under the light but gave that plant lots of room to grow and stretch. I veg’d the plant for 6.5 weeks, topping 3 times and training into a Scrog net before flicking into flower. The plants recovered very well under the light when using the HST or high stress training method and I had no issues making the most of the grow space with this light.  Again for the veg stage I would rate the light a 10/10 as the plants grew very well and healthy under the light.

Flowering Stage brilliant Grow v1 110w
Brilliant grow led Platinum Gorilla

Flowering stage was wonderful, as you can tell by the photo above dried this was 137 grams of nice bud and about 30 grams of small buds so close to 170 grams off of 1 plant using a 110 watt light. With that said I was very happy and I imagine any grower would be with them results.  I like the fact the light has a slim profile so I was able to make the most of my tent and grow by using the entire grow space. The light dose not give off much heat so I did not need to worry about an ac or cooling my tent overall I was very happy with the way the light preformed and give it a 10/10

Final Thoughts On The Brilliant Grow Light

Final thoughts are for the price of the light and the wattage at the wall I was actually surprised on the yield I got. I would definitely recommend the light to growers looking to keep energy charges low or to anyone in the market for a new grow light. I look forward to seeing what I can do with it on the next grow.

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