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Brilliant Grow Light v1 110w Review

9 Stars Out Of 10

Brilliant Grow Light v1 110w

This is my brilliant grow light review on the ordering process, customer service, build quality, shipping and overall experience with the company. I will be writing another blog in roughly 2.5 moths to review the light again after I completed a crop. You can  follow the updates on our social media accounts listed at the bottom of the page in the mean time to see how the light and crop is doing.


About Brilliant Grow Company

Brilliant Grow Lights

Brilliant Grow Company is a Canadian owned and operated business that started out as a hobby and after 2 years of assembling boards for friends and family the Brilliant Grow Company was created. The companies goal is to be the number one trusted source for grow lighting. By providing high quality lights and superior customer service combined with the affordability of the products they hope to achieve this goal in the future.  Brilliant makes lights that cover a 2×2, 2×4, 4×4, and 5×5 area and are competitively priced in the led market.   



Brilliant Grow Light

After receiving an email letting me know my light was shipped on a Wednesday I received a tracking number saying I would get the light on the following Thursday but to my surprise the light showed up Monday. Being a Canadian company shipping across Canada will be fast. I can not say how shipping international is but I imagine it would be similar 3-7 days estimate.  The light was packaged very well with foam protection all around. Watch the unboxing video I made on YouTube below.    


Customer Service

Brilliant Grow Light

Customer service can make or break a company, I am not sure how everyone else is but when I get bad customer service I usually find some where else to shop. Brilliant stands out among the rest when it comes to customer service. Not only is the owner a grower but he is passionate about helping others and answering questions about their products. From the time I reached out to the company I was treated as a customer even know I was not. All of my questions were quickly answered and the questions they did not have the answers for they provided 24 hours later. I have reached out to over 15 lighting company’s and only ever come across one other company where the support is comparable and the owner is down to earth and in touch with cannabis community.


Build Quality/ Usage

Brilliant Grow Light v1 110w

I have no complaints with build quality,  Brilliant uses the Samsung LM301b chips most other leading lights are using to maintain high par value and efficiency. Brilliant also uses top of the line Mean Well drivers that are efficient and tried and tested in the grow world. The led’s are mounted to a aluminum heat sync that helps to dissipate the heat evenly. The light comes with enough cord to run out side the grow tent and has a dimmer switch that works to shut the light off, turn the light on and brighten and dim.  The light comes with a detailed easy to read manual that has all the instrctions you need to hang and run the light as well as shows you the details and specs of the other lights they carry as well. Overall I was impressed with the build quality. I will list the one change I would make to the light in a new version below. 



Why 9/10 Stars

First impressions customer service was great, shipping process was fast,  packaging was nice and secure and protected,  build quality was great and the light functions great. the only thing I would change or liked to see changed in the future is the possibility to mount the driver for the light outside of the tent or off the light to help a bit more to keep heat down in small spaces.  All though I am just starting a crop with this light now I have high expectations the light will preform well and give excellent result. 


First Week Having The Light

Brilliant Grow Light review Brilliant Grow

Brilliant Grow led light Brilliant Grow Light v1 110w review

Brilliant Grow Light Brilliant Grow Company

I got the Light Monday and it is now Friday. Tuesday afternoon I started germinating some seeds from Inhouse Genetics in a shot glass for 16 hours then I transferred the seeds to paper towel for the next 8 hours. On Wednesday afternoon I planted the seeds after they had close to a 1 inch tap root and placed them under the Brilliant v1 and dimmed the light to its lowest setting. Thursday the plants popped out of the soil and started reaching for the light. Now it is Friday and the plants are continuing to stretch as I use a humidity dome to help with humidity. So far everything is going well and temps are easy to manage in the tent with the new light. 


Where To Buy

Purchase Brilliant Grow Lights at https://brilliantgrowcompany.com/
Follow them on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/brilliantgrow/
Follow them on Twitter https://twitter.com/brilliantgrower


Much Respect & Happy Growing
Written By @NsRob

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