Best Cheap Grow Tent LED Lights 2019 

One of the top 10 questions I am asked on Instagram or email is what is the best led grow light for my grow tent? Or what is the best cheap light I can get for my grow tent? I never recommend a product without either using it myself or doing my due diligence on it and making sure it is a dependable efficient product. With that said, some lights in this blog have been added based off reviews, research, word of mouth, personal experience or recommendations. There are thousands of grow lights on the market and everyone has their favorite brands. I will list 1 high-end light and 4 budget lights for each section. Keep in mind the budget lights will do the job but they are not going to have the yields or last as long as say a spectrum king light. If you feel there is a light that should be on the list let us know in the comments.

Why Led Grow Lights?

Why LED? Most people use led lights in tents for 3 main reasons, the first being to keep the heat down. Using HPS or CMH without ac in the summertime can lead to very high temperatures in a grow tent and reduced growth rates. If you live in a climate that is cool year round or you have an ac unit then this is something you will not need to worry about and can look into a CMH or HPS. The second popular reason is efficiency you can get close to the same results of some HPS lights using half the power with LED but do not expect this from your low budget models. From a test I did years ago with a 1000 HPS and 1 spectrum, King led there was a 15-gram difference per light with 9 plants under each light.  The only difference is the spectrum king was drawing 450 watts where the HPS was 1019 watts. With that example, you can run 2 crops from the price of 1 using LED. The Final reason why people use LED is HPS par rating drop after each crop with high end led lights this will not happen.

What You Need To Know 

A few things you should know with the cheaper lights if you are going to have them in a tent in a room across from your bedroom the fans on some of these lights will keep you up at night. I will list if the fan is loud or not. If the tent is not across from your room you will be fine. Also please note the cheaper lights are not going to have huge yields but they will do the job. Expect about 50%-60% of what you would yield with a 1000 HPS using budget led lights.  I personally have tested some of these cheap lights like the mars and phlizon and bestva and had great results. I also have friends using them for well over a year now without any issues. What you need to understand is that you’re not going to get yields like you would from 1000 HPS or high end spectrum king LED but you will still get decent yields.

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