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Aelius 300 Grow & Final Review

10/10 huge yields

Aelius LED Grow Light

We just finished with our Aelius 300 LED grow and boy were we surprised with the weight and quality of the product.  We ended up growing Scream Berries and Banana Liquor both strains from Keepers of the flame genetics. The 3 plants were grown in a 2×4 grow tent using remo nutrients  to keep the plants happy and healthy. Overall I was very happy with the results growing with this light and would highly recommend the 300 for big yields and quality buds. I will leave a review of our grow below but if your looking for a review on the light with a unboxing video check out our first blog https://maritimegrown.com/aelius-300-review-after-1-week/


Veg Stage With The Aelius 300 LED 
Aelius LED Veg Stage

When I first started growing with this light I started with 4 plants in the tent but that quickly become over crowded so I moved one of the plants into another tent. The plants took to their new light almost right away some days growing upwards of a inch a day. I  topped the plants once to help train them a bit for the scrog net but it did not take long before I had to flick the plants over into the flower cycle.  I started the plants with the light dimmed down to about 50% and after 2 weeks I turned the light up to 100% of it’s strength and left the light about 3 feet above the plants.

Flower Stage With The Aelius LED Grow Light
Aelius LED Aelius Grow Light Aelius Flower Pics

Flower stage with the Aelius LED was exciting to say the least. Not only did the 3 plants all have huge very dense nugs but 2 of the plants were taking on purple and red colors that made the cannabis look even that much more better. The plants grew great under the Aelius LED and I did not need to install a AC to keep the tent cool as my 4 inch inline AC Infinity fan was able to keep the temps down. Overall I ran these plants for a total of 68 days and was very happy with the outcome from using the Aelius 300 led grow light.

Finished Product From Aelius 300 LED 
Aelius LED Purple Buds Aelius LED Flowers Aelius 300 Grow & Final Review

Let’s just say when I finally finished growing and drying the plants under the Aelius and posted some photos of the finished product I got around 20 phone calls asking me where they can get some of either the weed to try or the genetics to grow. Not only did I get some amazing high quality product to smoke but I got amazing quality photos to share with the followers as well.  All in all I was very happy with the way the Aelius 300 preformed and can not wait to see what I can get from my next grow and what Aelius has panned for the future.

Why 10/10 Rating For Aelius LED?
Aelius 300

There are a number of reasons why we would rate this light a 10/10 but the 3 main reasons are the out standing customer service, The overall performance of the light and how well the plants loved it and grew under it , and the fact that the company is very active on social media and with in the cannabis community always willing to answer any questions and participating in community events and gatherings. I can not wait to get my next crop growing and see what Aelius has to offer in the future. 


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Aelius LED Purple Buds

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