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Aelius 300 Review After 1 week

9.0 Out Of 10

Aelius 300 Review After 1 week

Aelius 300 review after the first week. I will do another complete review of the Aelius 300 once I finish the the crop but I wanted to get a review out to the readers so they knew my first initial thoughts on the light. If you wanted to follow weekly updates on the Aelius 300 grow, your more then welcome to follow us on Instagram @maritime_grown and see just how fast these girls are growing. From the moment I seen Remo with the new Aelius Redd and the monster plants he was growing I said to myself then, I need to try that company out and well here we are.


About Aelius LED
About Aelius LED

Aelius LED was founded in 2015 and started out in Sudbury Ontario, Canada. When Aelius LED first launched they launched with the flagship Aelius 300 models and have been expending their collection of lights ever sense. Aelius offers a 8 week money back guarantee, 5 year warranty and a trade up program on all their lights to make up the Aelius difference.  I First come aware of Aelius from following the Urbanremo YouTube channel where he posted a video of monster plants using the Aelius Redd LED lights. Check that video out here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9z6hEwSzs8&t=345s


Ordering, Shipping And Packaging
Aelius LED Review

Ordering any of the Aelius LED lights can be easily done directly from their website at https://www.aeliusled.com/shop I highly recommend you reaching out to Aelius before ordering as they can custom build your lights to your exact setup so you get the most out of your grow area. Shipping was fast I believe the light landed at my door 4 days after it was shipped out and the light arrived with no damage. The packaging was very well packaged and the light was surrounded by foam to help prevent any damage from happening. I recorded a video of me unboxing the light that I posted to YouTube and can be seen below.


Customer Service
Aelius 300

Aelius LED has amazing customer service and are very active on most popular social media networks. They often hold blowout sales and do give aways to give back to their followers. If your interested in a new grow light take the time to reach out to Aelius and you will not be disappointed.


Build Quality / Usage
Aelius 300 Review

The build quality of the Aelius 300 is amazing and built to last. It is not one of them cheap Chinese lights most of the companies are having mass produced, you can tell some time and thought went into the build quality and it speaks for it’s self. With the 5 year warranty and 8 week guarantee Aelius is not messing around when it comes to developing efficient, long lasting lights that growers love.  Usage of the light is straight forward. Hang the light,  plug it in and grow.


Why 9/10 Stars??

So far I am very happy with the light and I have a good feeling we will see some monster yields from it. The reason for 9/10 stars and the 1 thing I would like to see changed is the option to be able to mount the LED driver outside the tent off the light to help keep heat down in small spaces. Other then that I do find the hangers to be a bit loose that hold the light but it is not a major issue. 

First Week Having Aelius 300 LED
Aelius LED Lights

My first impression with the Aelius 300 is I am blown away on how bright the light gets at max power. I have owned 20+ lights over the past 12 years and this has to be by far one of the brightest I have ever owned. With that said the girls also love the light as you can tell by comparing the photo at the start of this review when I first got the light to now 1 week later the girls have taken off like crazy.  Heat is easy to manage in the tent with 1 4 inch inline fan brining in fresh air the temps hover at 24 to 26 degrees Celsius with the light on.  So far 2 thumbs up for Aelius LED.

Where To Buy Aelius 300
Where To Buy Aelius 300

Aelius LED products can be purchased directly from the website by clicking the photo above or the link here –>https://www.aeliusled.com/shop

Much Respect & Happy Growing
Written By @NsRob

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