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Ac Infinity Fan Review Best Fans On The Market For Growing

First let me start by saying I have been growing for over 10+ years have experience with several different brands of intake fans. I grew up using the widely popular old school can fans as they were reliable. Most growers have probably used these fans over the years, they work great but are a bit noisy and are expensive compared to other intake fans. Last year I purchased two of the acinfinity fans and was so happy with them I purchased two more to use this year. After getting them set up and posting photos on my social media there were some comments asking me to post my settings and or to do a review on the fans so check out my review below. Is Ac Infinity the best fans on the market for grow rooms and grow tents?


Ac Infinity Fan Reviewacinfinity fan review

Ac Infinity Ordering & Shipping

Both times I ordered from Ac Infinity the packages arrived on time and are packaged well so there was no damage during shipping.  The first time I ordered through the acinfinity website and the second time I ordered through the Ac Infinity Amazon store and was able to use a coupon code from 420 and save even more money. I am in Canada so shipping took about 1 week the first time and 4 days the second time I ordered so if your in the USA you can expect 2-3 day shipping or less if using prime.


Customer service

Customer Service

The first time I placed a order with Ac Infinity I was hit with duty charges at the border. This was because I ordered from their website so the products needed to be shipped from USA to Canada. I contacted support and they were quick to respond and come up with a solution to make me happy. The second time I ordered from amazon as they have a warehouse in Canada they ship from so It would avoid the duty charges. I contacted Ac Infinity again to ask some questions and let them know I was happy with their products and again they responded with in 12 hours and answered all my questions. They are active on social media and care about there customers from my experiences so far I would rate their customer service a 10/10.


Setup & Usage 

Set up with these fans are fairly simple. Ac Infinity includes a very detailed easy to read user manual  with photos that will walk you through installation step by step. Once you have your fan mounted or hung in position  you only need to connect the fan to the LCD,  connect the temperature probe  to the LCD and finally the power wire to the LCD. The next step is to set your preferred operation method and your new fan will be ready to use. I myself use the auto mode and will go over my settings below but everyone’s settings will be different  due to their climate and grow room conditions.


Ac Infinity Fan settings Auto Mode

My Ac Infinity Fan Settings For Auto Mode

Remember these are my personal settings to keep my rooms at the optimal temperature and humidity conditions. Each grow room will be different depending on the climate you live in and the equipment your using. Some lights puts out higher amounts of heat calling for more ventilation. Replacing air to fast can drop humidity quickly if you find this happening to you I would recommend looking into a cheap humidifier.

High Temp 
Set to 25 degrees Celsius this keeps my rooms at 24 degrees. If the rooms hit 25 degrees the fans turn on.

Low Temp
Turned off If set to example 20 and the rooms hit 20 they will turn on making it colder and I do not want that so I set to off.

High Humid
When in flower I set to 60% so fans come on if it hits 60%. This will drop it to 45% -50% for me
When in veg I set to 75% so fans come on if it hits 80%. This will drop it to 60% – 65% for me

Low Humid
Turned off If set to example 40% and the rooms hit 40% they will turn on making humidity drop more and I do not want that so I set to off.

High Temp Alarm
Set to 30 degrees. If it gets up to here I know there is a problem in the tent and need to address it

Low Temp Alarm
Set to 16 degrees. If the temp drops down to here the alarm will sound and I can address the problem.

High Humid Alarm
When in flower I set high humid alarm to  65%. If alarm sounds I know my fans are not working proper or need to be adjusted
When in veg I set high humid alarm to  80%. If alarm sounds I know my fans are not working proper or need to be adjusted

Low Humid Alarm
When in flower I set low humid alarm to  35%. If alarm sounds I know my fans are not working proper or need to be adjusted
When in veg I set low humid alarm to  45%. If alarm sounds I know my fans are not working proper or need to be adjusted

best inline grow fan 2019Ac Infinity CloudlineCloudline best 8 inch grow fans for 2019

5 Reasons Why Ac Infinity Is The Best Fans On The Market For Growing


#1 The Quality & Craftsmanship Of the Product

The over all quality is amazing, hands down everything about Ac Infinity speaks quality to me. From the way the fans come packaged to the quality and craftsmanship of the fans them self. The quality of the user manual and how well laid out it is , and the website and how  professional and easy it is to use. After using the fans non stop for the past year there has been no change with them and no problems as of yet and I believe this is due to the quality and how well the fans are built.

#2 The Quietness Of the Fans
This is to me is a huge selling feature, no one likes being kept up at night due to a noisy fan.  Believe it or not I am now able to use the spare room beside my bedroom with 2 of these fans running and when laying in the room next to them I can not hear a thing. I have tried this previously and tested two different style fans and found them both to be to loud. I am still shocked by how quiet they are but just goes to show how far technology has come and how good the design is.   

#3 The Price
When I first seen these fans a year ago I was looking to replace one of my can fans I had that the bearings were starting to go bad in.  I seen the LCD screen and said it must be a gimmick how can it be half the price and have a lcd screen to control the fans I thought it must be to good to be true. After looking through Instagram I found a few people using them and reached out to see how they liked them and everyone was happy so I ordered mine.  For the price I have not seen a fan on the market yet that can be comparable if you find me let me know and I will review it.

#4 Benefits Of LCD screen & Settings
Those who know about the old school fans know about hooking up reverse thermostats to run them and  how expensive that can be running wires etc. Some people used to hook there fans up to timers to turn on every 15-30 min and some people paid for expensive systems that controlled the fans that could range up into the thousands of dollars.  The LCD screens that come with the Ac Infinity fans eliminates all that. Now your entire room can be controlled from the touch of a button on the LCD. This feature alone saves time and money and makes operating a grow room easier.

#5 Customer  Service
Customer service can make or break a company for allot of people. I myself do not continue to support companies I have had poor customer service with. This is one this that stands out with Ac Infinity. As I mentioned earlier I have contacted them a few times so far and each time they responded with in 12 hours and were super friendly and helpful. I like the fact they are active on social media and are interactive with there followers I can see this company being around for a along time to come.


After using and doing my research on most of the fans I could find on the market from my experience Ac Infinity make the best inline fans on the market for growing cannabis.  Not only are they affordable but they work great, are nice and quiet and best of all super efficient.  If your looking to purchase a Ac Infinity fan please have a look at my links below. The link to amazon and I will make a commission if you purchase but it will not cost you anything more.

Much Respect @NsRob

Click the photos below to visit the Ac Infinity Store On Amazon

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